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When we look back at the first three quarters of 2017, we see active customer markets that experienced more industry dynamics than we can recall in recent memory.  It seemed at times, that mergers and acquisitions occurred almost daily.  Some of these transitions could be perceived as a response to changing competition, others supporting expansion and growth objectives, while others providing necessary consolidation efficiencies.  

Whatever the reasoning, 2017 will certainly end up as an unusually interesting year.  With that said, we are now seeing these transactions settle in and the dust clear to a point where exciting growth and re-positioning initiatives are being set in motion.  As we work in the upcoming months to close out 2017, and position for 2018, we are excited about this expanded growth and the opportunities it brings for FFS to play a part in their implementation. The feature article included in this newsletter highlights one of these recent transactions, the Amazon-Whole Foods deal that will undoubtedly change the way many current companies approach the C-Store and convenience grocery markets.

We hope you enjoy this article and best wishes for the remainder of the year as we look forward to continued opportunities to work with existing and new customers to evolve with the ever-changing market dynamics.

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Dave Walock
Ray Buchanan
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"The Coming Amazon Food Fight:  Will Convenience Stores be Winners or Losers?"

 Amazon's proposed $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods, giving it a larger foothold in the food retail industry, a merger that critics say could change food retailing in ways we cannot even imagine - is the subject of fevered speculation in an industry that has already been rocked by the surging popularity of "fresh and fast".  The deal has significant implications for every aspect of the industry, not only for the future of grocery stores and supermarkets as we have known them but also for every other type of food retailer, particularly the country's ubiquitous convenience stores, a familiar sight in virtually every neighborhood and community in American.   Please click here to read the rest of the article.  
FFS Product Profile 

PRODUCT:    BrickWal
TYPE:            New Construction
CLIENT:         HyVee Construction

This project was completed in July 2017.  The 4-Bay Car Wash was delivered to an out lot adjacent to the HyVee Grocery Store in Shakopee, MN.  This is a new C-store compliment concept for HyVee Gas.  This Fullerton building package included the following:
Exterior and interior wall framing, FBS roof truss system, parapet wall framing, kicker panels and exterior finishes.  FFS supplied the BrickWal System to FBS with the Kansas City Brick that matches the flagship supermarket and c-store Please click here to read the rest of the product profile.

PRODUCT:   BrickWal and EnduraWal
TYPE:           Renovation
CLIENT:        Casey's General Store

PROJECT SUMMARY:  FFS furnished the majority of the updated exterior finish veneers shown on this Casey's Renovation.  FFS worked with the general contractor on the selection of BrickWal and EnduraWal Colors and textures to match the corporate design.  For most of the Casey's renovations, Glen Gery Old Detroit thin brick is selected.  The speed and ease of the FFS veneer finish installation combined with the absence of needing extensive protection of adjacent finishes is a huge benefit.  Please click here to read the rest of the Project Profile.