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Food • Activity • Mindset • Sleep

WW's 4Pillars approach to weight loss has proven that while each of these components of our life is important on its own--eating healthy food, fitting activity into our lifestyle, having a good mindset, and getting a restful night's sleep, the combined power when all four work together is undeniable.
Food • 5 reasons fiber deserves a starring role in your diet
Activity • Fiber and Fitness: Is one impacted by the other?
Mindset • Eat high fiber foods for a happier mood
Sleep Eating more fiber for a better night's sleep
This week from Deb
A message from Deb W. Voice, and General Manager
October 27, 2021

Dear WW Philadelphia Members,

I heard a Member call Halloween "the beginning of the eating season," and I thought, that’s funny... AND TRUE.

A lot of people look at the last nine weeks of the year and throw their hands in the air. The truth is we still have control if we wish to exert it.

Here are my base points of advice:

Do NOT buy the candy on sale after the holiday: I know it’s 50% off at Walgreens but the POINTS are the same no matter the color of the wrapper and the extra sugar isn’t good for any of us. The extra sugar isn’t even good for the civilians in our households (civilians = those we know and love who have never weighed more than 5 pounds above their naturally healthy weight).

Plan your indulgences: There are certain holiday foods each of us loves and we only eat them once a year. The ones we need to include, savor, and enjoy. Think pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, latkes at Hanukkah, or the special meal your family makes on Christmas Eve. Okay, those might be mine, you pick yours.

Forgive and forget about it: If a one-time over-indulgence were the cause of me gaining an extra 94 pounds, I’d be telling a different story. It wasn’t a birthday celebration, Thanksgiving, or the vacation of eating and drinking, it was all the days in between those days. Why is it so much harder to forgive ourselves than it is to forgive others?

Bask in the little victories: Feel good and proud of yourself for the healthier life you are creating. If gravy will no longer be your preferred beverage on Thanksgiving as it had been in prior years, that’s a big WIN. Not gaining 5-12 pounds as many people do during the holidays (eating season), is a huge WIN.

Buy an item of clothing that fits: I know most of us had to lose twenty pounds to fit the size we were wearing, but having one pair of slacks, jeans, or one dress or sweater that fits the size you are now could make a significant difference in how you feel. Sometimes the people we know--our friends, neighbors co-workers--haven’t mentioned that we look like we’ve lost weight because we’re still wearing the same clothes; the extra baggy look. Get the comments you deserve by wearing something that flaunts your weight loss.

This time of year is about being thankful for what we have and who we get to share it with...so before all of you get too busy in the season to read my letter to you each week, I want you to know how grateful I am for you.

We at WW Philadelphia never take our beautiful Members for granted. Our Staff is looking forward to serving you in each of our Workshops across our counties in PA and our operations in NJ.

In today’s world, we know life has a way of getting in the way of what you need to do for yourself, but please take a little time and get to a weekly workshop throughout the “eating season.”

Stay well, be kind and wash your hands,

Deb Wright
General Manager
At WW Philadelphia, memberships were planned with your needs at the forefront of requirements! Love to chat online or in-person? Prefer dedicated guidance, or find inspiration from a group? We got you covered! We support you in specialized Virtual Zoom Workshops, too. You don't ever have to choose one over the other. Go to your weekly Workshop and Zoom into your Virtual Group during the week.
This week's featured staff Member
Meet Melanie L
WW Springfield Studio

The reason I started WW:
1990 was an extremely difficult year in my life. I felt stuck and powerless. I remember thinking perhaps weight loss was an area within my control, where I could make some changes.
Something I learned: “Getting back on track” is always possible! And at the very next moment! Over and over again. Giving up is not an option.

Favorite WW Meal: Grilled salmon with "TJ's Chili Lime Seasoning", corn on the cob; fresh greens with fresh sliced nectarines, blueberries, and basil. Yes!

Greatest Ah-Ha: Mindset is the key that opened the door to my long-term success. Awareness of mindset, and switching a negative mindset to a positive one are now lifelong practices that support me in other areas of my life as well as WW.

What I appreciate most about Members: It is a thrill, honor, and privilege to witness the journeys of WW Members as they find their own unique path towards health and wellness on this program. Friday mornings in Springfield are special. The support in this group for one and another is palpable. It is a community of members committed to their own and each other’s wellbeing.
👻 Our batch of Halloween recipes
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