26.2 for Boston

April 15, 2013

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My first goal when I became a runner was to finish a marathon. Receiving that finisher's medal was an indescribable honor, and sharing the experience with my family was the highest high I could imagine. Like almost every marathoner, I soon set my sights on getting faster, with a goal of someday qualifying for Boston. Galloway Training is well known for helping non-runners become runners and helping runners become marathoners and half-marathoners, and I am proud of us for being the world leaders in bringing people safely into the sport. What non-Galloway folks may not realize is that Jeff Galloway's Run/Walk/Run method is also AMAZING at helping people get fast. My wife actually qualified for Boston with a massive Personal Record the very first time she tried walk breaks. Eventually I qualified too, and we have enjoyed two Patriots' Days together running the historic course with 20,000+ of our friends.


We joke about running with thousands of friends, but it really is true. In a large part, the running community is made up of thousands upon thousands of friends who don't know each other yet, but as soon as we recognize a race shirt or backpack in the airport or grocery store, we strike up a conversation and we know how kindred our spirits really are.


This is why today hurts so much. Whether we have qualified or not, whether we have run Boston or not, whether we have even run a marathon or not, we are all runners, and a part of us soars whenever we see our brothers and sisters fly down Boylston Street. Always that flight should be in joy, but today it was so much different.


All of us in the running community mourn this attack on our peaceful sport, and our thoughts and prayers are with those who suffer.


Please join me in dedicating the next 26.2 miles you run, whether they be all at once or one 4-mile training run at a time, to the people of Boston.


Run in peace,



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