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16th January 2015
Two Different GestureTek's Gesture Controlled Installation finalist for Apex Award at the 2015 Digital Signage Expo
GestureTek's Installation at Rich tree Restaurant Toronto

GestureTek Systems Inc., the inventor, pioneer and world leader in video gesture recognition and control technology since the early 1980's, is proud to announce that it has been nominated as one of the top three finalists for two different categories for Digital Signage Exhibition 2015 Apex Award.

Firstly GestureTek's installation for the RichTree Natural Market Restaurant in Toronto is a top three finalist and will be winning either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award in the Food & Beverage Award category of the Digital Signage Apex Awards, which will be announced at the DSE 2015 March 12 from 7:30-9:00 pm at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

GestureTek's collaboration with Infusion for the installation for RichTree Restaurants will be recognized for the innovation and excellence of the deployment and installation of technology, as it stands out within in the global digital signage, interactive technology and digital out-of-home industries. 

GestureTek has added a whole new dimension to the dining out experience with their interactive gesture controlled applications and has engaged customers in ways they have never experienced before. There is a 20-foot long gesture controlled projection of an interactive virtual fish pond (as well as a virtual soccer game) on the floor, four huge interactive gesture controlled projection tables that engage and entertain kids with games, as well as a multitouch system on a 23-foot long video wall experience. The challenge was to create an atmosphere where customer can be entertained and engaged, as well as socialize with other patrons and meet new people.

Secondly GestureTek's installation for the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls is a top three finalist and will be winning either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award in the Arts and Entertainment Award category of the Digital Signage Apex Awards.

GestureTek's Virtual Dinosaur Dig installation was part of DV3's Dinosaur Exhibit at the Skylon Tower. Patron's were able to come up to a large 12' wide projected surface 3 feet off the ground, and reach in to start to "dig" away the virtual layers of sand and soil to slowly reveal a complete dinosaur skeleton. When they push the bones together it magically transforms into an animation of the dinosaur in its prehistoric environment, only to then dissolve back to sand. GestureTek will be recognized for their innovation and excellence of the deployment and installation of technology


GestureTek's Installation for Dinosaur Exhibit at the Skylon Tower Niagara falls

GestureTek won the Gold Apex Award in this Arts and Entertainment category at last year's awards show for their Immersive Gesture Controlled Crayola Installations.



About GestureTek:

GestureTek´┐Ż, founded in 1986, is the inventor, pioneer and world leader in video gesture recognition and control technology for digital displays/signage, information   and entertainment systems. GestureTek is covered by over 45 patents. Besides having licensed its patents and technology to hundreds of millions of consumer platforms like Playstation, Microsoft's Xbox and mobile phones, in the past 28 years, GestureTek has delivered over 7,000 gesture controlled displays for location-based entertainment facilities, public spaces, digital signage, corporate locations, retail stores, hospitality venues and healthcare facilities.   


GestureTek is the company behind leading gesture controlled systems such as GroundFX, WallFX, TableFX, ScreenFX and turnkey solutions such as The Cube.   The company also pioneered, designed, built and supported its own series of multi-touch tables and displays called the Illuminate Series and is the creator of IREX, the first gesture-controlled interactive rehabilitation exercise solution for the health and disability market.


The company's head office is in Toronto, Canada.

Learn more at or call (800) 315-1189 or (416) 340-9290.


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