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Newsletter #59 -- Mar 31, 2014
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"Getting from 0-60 Sexually"
Laura M. Brotherson, MS, MFT
April 8, 2014


While sexual desire is pretty readily available for most husbands, many women find that they rarely get around to thinking about sex and don't often do so automatically.

You won't want to miss this seminar "Getting from 0 - 60 Sexually" (April 8th) by Laura M. Brotherson during the 4th Dating Divas tele-conference. This presentation will help couples fuel their fire and bridge the gap making it easier and quicker to get from 0 - 60 sexually. Register Today for just $7.97 and listen to it at your convenience!  

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Q&A #2 (TeleConference Call)
Thursday, April 17, 2014 
7:30 - 9 p.m. (Mountain Daylight Savings Time)


"This Q&A session was entertaining and informative. I would have to say it exceeded all expectations. Laura was awesome! Somehow sex doesn't seem like such a "taboo" topic when you're hearing about it from real people who could very well be a friend or a neighbor."

We've had great feedback on our first online conf call
  "Sexually Speaking -- Live Q&A with Laura #1" (3/20/14). If you missed it you'll want to get the recording and check it out! The conversation with "John and Cathy" toward the end was especially cute!

Be sure to join us next time (Thurs, Apr 17, 2014) for this online, educational Q&A discussion about marriage, sex and intimacy issues.

This monthly, 90-minute teleconference call gives you the chance to ask the questions that you've been wanting to know, or you can simply listen in and learn! It's kind of like a family-values version of the "Dr. Ruth" show.

Click here -- to purchase the Q&A #1 (3/20/14) recording

Click here -- to REGISTER TODAY for Q&A call #2 (4/17/14)


 Sexual Success Stories

It's pretty amazing the transformations couples have experienced in improving their intimate relationship and entire marriage. From finding the book And They Were Not Ashamed on the ground in a park and finally understanding sex to be good and meant to be enjoyed to shifting from hating her husband's sex drive to loving sex and understanding sex as an ultimate expression of love, you'll find a growing supply of sexual success stories to feed your own mind with hope for healing your own intimate relationship.
We'd love to hear your stories of success in improving your intimate relationship. You can email them to us here! Please keep them brief and anonymous (change names or identifying info) so that we can share them on our website as well! 

Click here -- All Sexual Success Stories!



I'm a huge fan of this book Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life and Body of Your Dreams by Carol Whitaker. What a breath of fresh air this book is for those wanting to change their default thought processes about themselves, their body and their life. 


 Click here -- for the rest of the story! 




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