A Monthly Expression of Thanks
The Church at the Heart of the City with the City at Heart!
Tavis Tinsley
Reed Howard
My Dear Central Family,

We are blessed, though leaving, to lift our graduating interns, Reed Howard and Tavis Tinsley. Both have already added much to Central, touching lives and becoming family. They serve as God's men, unique but never ego driven. Christ followers are they: edifying others and community enhancing. These brothers strive to serve home, church and community. they are willing God servants, advocating for love, social justice and equality.

Reed is our Candler School of Theology intern. He team-taught the adult Vacation Bible School class, valuing the teaching experience and saying that he learned much from those he taught. We will especially remember how he literally dove into response when Central was forced to disband in-person worship services and activities. Reed said he was in awe of the collaboration of individuals and their talents who worked to transition Central to on-line services during the pandemic. He himself jumped into action with his almost Master of Divinity and penchant for computers. He became a "force" behind the use of virtual technology that brought worship into the homes of its members, the community, and households across the globe. He enjoyed "bringing ancient truths through technological advances." Reed completed the requirement for a Master of Divinity, and has headed to Georgetown University to begin his tenure as an Assistant Chaplain to the freshmen class.

Tavis Tinsley, our Gammon/ITC intern, shared that he realized the calling on his life as a teacher and therapist while completing his undergraduate degree in Psychology. Tavis worked tirelessly with the youth at Central teaching weekly bible study and assisting in confirmation classes. He respected and admired the transparency of youth and their willingness to question, particularly while deciding to commit their lives to Christ. He served as a chaperone for numerous youth activities. He loved working with our youth and his energy was uplifting. Tavis desires to bridge the gap between yesteryear's and the 21st century. He wants to be instrumental in paving the way for great to become greater by changing the narrative of black education to be seen as the innovation of minds advocating for change instead of lack and struggle. He has a heart for those left-out of the church. He plans to pursue a Masters in Marriage and Family Services and bring awareness and acceptance of mental health issues in the black community. His personal experiences allowed him to see a link between church and psychology. Tavis completed a Master of Divinity and received a Fellowship to Switzerland to participate in ecumenical studies with Christians from around the globe.

Congratulations Tavis and Reed, for completing you internships and your Master of Divinity Studies!

I must thank you, Central, for all your support of our congregation and community. We would not be here, supporting interns as they grow and learn, without your spiritual and financial support!

Take good care, keep the faith, be safe and always,

 Be Well !

Pastor Ross
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Rev. Dr. Vance P. Ross, Senior Pastor
Rev. Angela Johnson, Associate Pastor