Dear Fellow Alumni,

Every student who walks through the school halls  becomes part of the "St. John's experience." Like me, I am sure you have warm memories of your time at St. John's Episcopal School. Now in its 64th year, the school continues to educate students who develop a lifelong love of learning and go forward to make the world a better place.
This year I am happy to serve as the alumni chair for the St. John's Fund, and we are launching a new affordable, ongoing initiative for alumni to support the annual drive. Please consider joining the "give us ten" campaign by donating $10 per month. 

The following alumni are leading this challenge:
Mickey Ashmore '01
Martha Wilson Barrios '92
Callie Barrow '16
Monica Breeding '75
Rebecca  Balzersen  Crabtree '86
Martin Delabano '67
David Glanzrock '97
Kate Raymond Liias '02
Susan Graham Maulding '97
Grant Schmidt '02
Katie Specht '03
Julian Tilleman '97

Claire Howard Upham '64
Together we can ensure the education of tomorrow's great thinkers and leaders. With your approval to give $10 each month, you will invest in the school's efforts to enhance and enrich the experience of every student - present and future. To get started, please c omplete the  online pledge form Or better yet, come visit and get reacquainted with your alma mater - where it all began!

Many thanks,
Kelsey Good  '99
2017-18 St. John's Fund Alumni Chair

P.S. Save the date for Saturday, October 14, and look for an invitation for free admittance to the 2017 St. John's carnival World of Adventure  very soon.