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"I liked when we said how we were feeling while doing a movement. The scarves helped me show my personality, who I am. No one can change who I am."

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Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy

offers dance/movement therapy (DMT), health and wellness sessions, and verbal forms of therapy. DMT is an innovative form of psychotherapy that uses expressive movement to help people learn more about themselves and their relationships with others. Licensed dance/movement therapists help their clients develop a healthy self-image, communication skills, and emotional stability. Hancock Center is a non-profit organization. Sliding fee scale available for therapy services. 



Hancock Center provides and promotes the understanding and effective use of dance/movement therapy for the benefit of all segments of the population. Hancock Center extends its services through outreach trainings, workshops, and presentations. It is a supporting agency of the Marian Chance Foundation of the American Dance Therapy Association, Inc.


December 1, 2015    

"My students have gone from a group that used to walk on tables, interrupt constantly, bother and hurt one another, to a group that shares, helps others when hurt, respects one another and puts effort into their school work. My students have transformed into respectful 1st graders who are a community of learners."
 -first grade teacher, Madison Metropolitan School District
This testimony is like many positive statements that Hancock Center  
staff receive from teachers whose classrooms participate in  
the Violence Prevention through Movement program.

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Every day we see the healing power of movement transform the lives of people. Last year Hancock Center provided the In-School Violence Prevention through Movement Program to 45 classes in 10 public schools in Madison, WI.  In addition, Hancock Center facilitated In-School therapy groups for children and teens experiencing social and emotional problems including trauma, and provided psycho-educational classes for families and teacher training.   
We invite you to be a part of this exciting work, by making a tax-deductible donation now to ensure that Hancock Center can continue to provide this programming to people for whom these services would otherwise be unavailable. Hancock Center's In-School program is partially supported by United Way of Dane County and other grants but we rely on individual donations from people like you to cover the remaining 50%.

Challenge Grant - Donations will be doubled by a dollar-for-dollar match up to $5,000

This is your opportunity to make a significant impact in our community! Your gift now - doubled through the matching gift -- will help us work toward creating more peaceful schools and communities.

For more complete information about our work in 2014, click here.

Please take a moment to make your most generous contribution to take advantage of the matching gift offer. Hancock Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 supporting agency of the Marian Chace Foundation, the charitable branch of the American Dance Therapy Association, and has been serving the community for 32 years.

Rena Kornblum, MCAT, BC-DMT, DTRL
Executive Directo


Hancock Center welcomes donations to its scholarship fund, which is used to provide therapy for those otherwise unable to afford it.


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Hancock Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and is a United Way Partner Agency and a supporting agency of the Marian Chace Foundation of the American Dance Therapy Association. Donations are tax-deductible as provided by law.

   DISCOVER your movement qualities
DEEPEN your understanding
ENHANCE your connection to wisdom  




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Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy, 16 North Hancock St.

Hancock Center is located in downtown Madison, three blocks east of the Capitol square, off of E. Washington Ave., next to St. John's Lutheran Church. The Center is in a century old Victorian style house.


PARKING is on the street or at the Parking ramp two blocks away on E. Mifflin St., or across E. Washington Ave. in the surface parking lot.

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