Fundraising begins at 12am and ends tomorrow evening at 11:59pm. Please share this email with family and friends as well as on social media. No amount is too small when it comes to supporting our free library. Your donation can open a world of opportunity for children and adults.  Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.
Kick Off Holiday Giving by Donating to the Mount Vernon Public Library

Libraries need your support. Giving Tuesday is on December 2, 2016 and you can be a part of a global initiative to start off holiday charitable giving by making a donation to the Mount Vernon Public Library. You can support library excellence for residents of Mount Vernon by choosing to have your gift sent to us. We hope that when you think about the things that matter and consider giving to a community resource that's been a part of Mount Vernon for over a century. Besides being a safe-haven for youth, we offer a wide range of free activities and opportunities for positive community engagement. Your gift can help us continue to provide quality programming that enhance literacy, guide learning, and inspire curiosity in all ages.
Support the Mount Vernon Public Library!
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