November / 28 / 2017
Proud to support Extend the Day for R ohingya Refugee relief
Bangladesh is facing a profound humanitarian crisis, and our partner nonprofit Extend the Day is helping bring relief to thousands of displaced persons there.
Extend the Day hopes to provide 10,000 handheld solar lamps for refugee families and children now living without electricity or other basic services. With these simple, inexpensive devices, we can help people in crisis benefit from clean, renewable solar power to improve their day-to-day lives.
APsystems is proud to support Extend the Day in its mission to bring the gift of solar lighting to this outstanding organization. One dollar from the purchase of every APsystems microinverter goes to Extend the Day to provide these small but powerful solar lamps.
During this holiday season and on this #givingtuesday, please consider a donation to Extend the Day through its
online fundraising campaign  to provide 10,000 solar lights to Rohingya refugees.

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