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Our beautiful Kerrigan was born healthy, but I could tell something was not right. By the time she was 1 year old, the only thing she responded to was music. We connected with her by singing and dancing. She received a formal diagnosis of severe non-verbal autism, and our family has not slowed down ever since. Today, thanks to many years of early intervention, Kerrigan attends a full day of school where she receives speech, occupational and physical therapy, and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy. Music continues to play an important role in our entire family and is integrated into her therapies. It is a huge part of her progress, helping her to communicate, interact and be in public places. Kerrigan is happy and one of the most affectionate girls you will ever meet.
The Autism Science Foundation funds the research into treatments that have helped Kerrigan and so many other people with autism. That's why we're supporting their annual Recipe4Hope fundraiser. We hope you'll join us to honor families celebrating the holidays and raise critically needed funds for autism research.
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