November 24, 2020 Newsletter #352
#GivingTuesday December 1, 2020
Dear Jazz Bridge Friends and Supporters,
You’re probably familiar with #Giving Tuesday, a national day of gratitude when people take a moment to support many of the causes and organizations they care about.

Here is a letter from Ron Howerton, whom we were able to help:
"Thank you so much for your generosity at a critical moment. I want you to fully understand just how crucial your help is. As you know, I have been a dialysis patient for 10 years, and I drive 2-3 times each week to treatment in Delaware County.
I am on the list for transplant, but after years it has yet to happen. So, I’m tied to treatment. During roughly 5 weeks when my car was not drivable, I depended on SEPTA Paratransit and friends. A couple of times when transit was late, I did not arrive in time to have my full 4 hours on the machine. When transit was very late once, my appointment was cancelled when I arrived, and I had to reschedule and go back the next day.

But then The Creator came down and smiled on me. With your help, I’ve regained my independence and my ability to address health issues and other needs. When this pandemic is over I will again be able to drive my drums to performances, and continue my 50-year career as a professional percussionist.
It is hard to explain how deeply grateful I am, but I’m guessing you understand. Thank you from my heart. Stay safe, and please keep swingin’ for those of us who sometimes need a little help.
Yours truly, Ron Howerton
PS - After horrible deer damage, I can hardly believe how great my wheels are looking - thanks again!

We hope you will consider supporting Jazz Bridge when #GivingTuesday rolls around on Tuesday, December 1st.
A gift of any size means so much!

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