Change is hard. For those of you that don’t know, I am leaving the agency to pursue my dream of living by the ocean! In other words, I’m moving to Florida and that means this is my farewell Executive Director report.
Once the decision was made I thought it would be easy to wrap everything up, but that is not how it worked out. The Coronavirus hit and we all were told to "stay-at-home”. This has made working more difficult as we find creative solutions to see families, and see each other. While this didn't make my transition easy, it did allow to me to see a wonderful group of people come together for the betterment of the families and children we work with.
The staff has worked around the clock to make sure families and children were being seen, home studies were getting done, and birth parents were still being counseled. I am so proud of what they have done and how we have still been able to serve the community. This is an uncertain time for sure, but the agency will survive. We will survive we are in this together and we are stronger that way. 
I love this agency and I love working in adoption. I will miss the staff, the families, and the agency but I do not believe this is goodbye. Instead it's “see you later”. I plan to stay involved with the agency – more as a volunteer now than as a staff member. You can’t get rid of me that quickly! 
The search for a new Executive Director is underway, and the next person that steps into this role will bring growth and new changes. I am excited to see what great things Adoption Options does in the future. Take care and stay healthy all of you. Thank you for the best ride of my life.  

All The Best,