An Update from us on COVID-19
Hello Masters Athlete,

World Masters Rankings always strives to inspire athletes, bring our community together and make a difference in your life. It seems more important now than ever before. To do this better for you and our sport, we are making good use of this lull in competitions:

  • Listing more performances. We've inserted almost 60,000 over the past two weeks! There are over 50,000 more waiting for me to review and tens of thousands in our email inbox. The wonderful people who scour websites for results are still active too. We are hopeful that we can bring the 2013 - present rankings lists up-to-date in the coming months.

  • Adding new features. The Rex J Harvey Age Best Performance lists are in progress and should be fully confirmed by the end of next month. There have been several ideas and requests made through the years. Have an idea? Please click here to share with us!

  • Fixing errors and answering emails. We have about 12,000 more to go but have reduced the queue by several thousand over the past few weeks. I am so sorry correcting / responding has taken so long!

  • Working with WMA, WMA Regions and national organizations. The work they do is so important to our sport. MastersRankings has helped and will keep expanding providing unique benefits.

Read the Users' Guide to get more out of the site and know how to access things quicker.

Thank you so much to all that have supported the Rankings through the years. We hope you think this site is worth sustaining and ask others to support.
Hope you, your family and friends are well and safe,

John Seto
+1 845 635 9487