APRIL 9. 2020
Hello Eastmoor Members,

We hope your family is staying healthy and safe—and able to get out in the sun and fresh air before snow hits again on Sunday.

Dropping into your inbox today with some tennis news and general updates.


The USTA (United States Tennis Association) is hoping that junior team tennis will be played this summer. 

If we are cleared to play as scheduled, the first practices will begin Tuesday, June 2 and the first match will be on Monday, June 8.

If the season start is postponed, we are hopeful that the teams will still play full round of matches; the USTA has determined that state playoffs are unlikely to be played this season.

Registration has been reopened on the Eastmoor tennis website and the  deadline to register is Saturday, April 25th: register for JTT here .

NOTE: In the event that summer JTT is cancelled, a full refund will be processed, minus normal credit card fees of 3%.

All other summer junior tennis lessons are available for registration on the Kourts app . (Not sure how to use the Kourts app? Here are directions.)

Information regarding all classes can be found at  Eastmoor Tennis .

NOTE: You can sign up your child(ren) today, and you will not be charged until the first day of class.

The USTA has released a revised league plan for 2020 due to COVID-19. The priority for the season is to get 6-7 matches of local league play; district playoffs are highly unlikely.

First Season of League Play
When it is appropriate to return to play, the USTA will start the first season of leagues as follows. These two leagues will not be cancelled unless the USTA runs out of time for running leagues during 2020. These leagues are as follows:

  • USTA Mixed 18 & Over (minimum roster deadline April 17th)
  • USTA Adult 18 & Over (minimum Roster Deadline now May 1st)

NOTE:  While most Eastmoor league rosters are full for the USTA Adult 18 & Over, there is still opportunity for another 2.5 ladies team and 3.5 ladies team to be added. If you are interested in joining please reach out to tennis chair  Pia Lisle  or head pro Ken Tronco  to get connected!

Second Season of League Play
If the first season of leagues (listed above) are completed and there is still enough time to complete another league with 6-7 matches, the USTA will start the following leagues immediately upon conclusion of the first group of leagues:

  • ITA Mixed
  • CTA Twilight (Note: Format will be changed for this season to 1 singles, 3 doubles to allow opportunities for more players to participate)
  • CTA Adult 65 & Over
  • CTA Women’s Summer Daytime

Cancelled League Play
These leagues typically fit between Adult 18 & Over and CTA Twilight. Instead of running these three leagues  (which have age/skill level limitations) , the USTA has decided to run Twilight since it provides all ages and ability levels  the opportunity  to participate.

  • USTA Adult 40 & Over
  • CTA Adult 18-39 /
  • CTA Women’s 2.5

Eastmoor will continue to monitor the COVID-19 virus and the tennis courts will be reopened when we are given guidance to do so. 

Just like junior lessons, summer adult drills are now open on the Kourts app. (Not sure how to use the Kourts app? Here are directions.)

Information regarding adult drills can be found at  Eastmoor Tennis .

NOTE: You can sign up today, and you will not be charged until the day of drills.

Questions about any of the tennis programs?
Please reach out to Head Pro  Ken Tronco .
We continue to monitor the news from Metro Swimming League, and will continue to postpone registation for the Swim + Dive Team until at least May 1. We will keep you posted on the situation.
A friendly reminder that we extended the dues deadline  until May 1.  

That said, we need to be clear : We will be collecting dues this year, regardless of how the COVID-19 situation pans out. Though our entire facility is open from end of May through the beginning of September, we have year-round staff, maintenance, and upkeep expenses.

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, and we will be reaching out regulaly to keep you in the loop. Expect to hear from us again before the end of April.

If you have additional questions, please hit "reply" to this email; reach out to President Tyler Lindvall; or, if you have questions about dues, email Treasurer Rich Bruns .

Have a great rest of your week.
—The Eastmoor Board