Club Updates
March 27, 2021
Good News!
Middlebury Indoor Tennis (MIT) is pleased to continue the re-opening of our club to members and guests. Here are a few updates from the club...

Please note that MIT will be CLOSED on Easter Sunday, April 4th.
Masks: Even if you are vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask in all common areas. Wearing a mask on the court is now a court-by-court decision. Juniors are required to wear masks during lessons and group clinics to be consistent with school requirements. Neighboring courts may be required to mask during peak lesson times.
Common Areas: The upstairs viewing area at the club can now be used by up to 4 people at a time. Please be aware that other businesses operate upstairs and wear masks and distance as appropriate. In addition, we now have 4 beautiful Adirondack chairs (thanks to Woodware!) where people can distance and socialize outdoors. Enjoy!
Locker Rooms: Please continue to be aware of the restricted space in locker rooms. Showers are available again on a limited basis to visitors who find it necessary. Please check in with the front desk if you'd like to use the shower during your visit. Only 2 people at a time should be in locker rooms; 3 people are permitted if a shower is in use.
Trash Cans: PLEASE help us out by NOT disposing of used masks in court-side trash cans. Also, please remember that no food or drinks are allowed on the courts other than water. We appreciate it when you "pack-in-pack-out" and don't leave discarded balls, cans, tissues, masks, etc. on the court for others to clean up. It keeps us all healthier and makes our club a nicer place for everyone to enjoy.
Comings and Goings
We are delighted to welcome David Burley and Ed Mathez as new members to MIT - we look forward to seeing you both on the courts!
Sadly, we bid adieu to Daniela Nalesso and Dylan Henryson who are moving to California with their son Matteo in April. They promise to be back to visit family and play tennis - we wish you the best and look forward to seeing you again!
Memorial Plaque
Bob Johnson (pictured here) who passed away in early March, has been added to MIT's memorial plaque. Gail Jette, who passed away in 2020 has also been added to the plaque, joining Barbara Goodman, David van Vleck, and Kirsten McEdward. We miss the lively presence of these tennis friends!
Tennis Pro's Corner
Asparagus is synonymous with spring in Vermont! This recipe for asparagus with curry butter is a different twist for this spring veggie. Consider doubling the is SO tasty!
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