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Thursday, July 21                                                                               

Town of Union Vale Authorizes the Establishment of its First

Public Library 

Union Vale, Dutchess County, NY ---- Last night, the Town of Union Vale Town Board voted to authorize the establishment of its first public library, the first new library in Dutchess County since 2003. The Union Vale Library will be established within Union Vale’s beautiful 500-acre municipal park, “Tymor” and built in a former dairy barn refurbished for this purpose.

The Union Vale Library will benefit from reduced operating costs because the town already owns the building and surrounding land. There will be no rent, no mortgage and low utility costs as water and electricity will be connected to the park’s existing systems. However, as a 501(c)(3), the newly formed Union Vale Library Fund will be looking for donations so the entire renovation of the space can be completed without any taxpayers’ dollars being spent.  

In recent community engagement meetings during which library services were discussed, it became clear that more ties to the community were important to everyone. In addition, becoming full members of the Mid-Hudson Library System, having specialized services and kids’ programs, work spaces, a bookmobile/van for Seniors, a cybercafé, a community center, and park access were all things residents would embrace. 

The Union Vale Library will bring the opportunity to enhance the quality of life for all residents. Everyone will be able to enjoy a customized, state-of-the-art library with amenities limited only by the imagination of all involved. Our goal for this library is to bring the entire community closer together. As library consultant, Alex Cohen said when he reminded us of the historical nature of this outcome, “it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your town”. 


It is time to implement the vision of our patrons, Ralph and Jean Webster Connor, who often wondered why residents should leave their town to enjoy cultural arts and expand their horizons when it is possible to have everything right here in beautiful Union Vale.


For Information about, or to donate to, the Union Vale Library Fund, please contact: Mr. Peter Krulewitch at [email protected]



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