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December 2017
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Government Affairs Committee Welcomes New Chair
Government Affairs Committee Chair
Christine Goodwin 

As the 2017-2018 Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce's Chair of the Government Affairs Committee, I look forward to leading this committee through discussions related to the governance of the State of NH, and specifically, the City of Dover.  The GAC prioritizes issues according to the following levels:
1)       Discussion of an issue that is appropriate primarily for discussion at the GAC;
2)       Inform the committee of issues that require more information and study and/or dissemination to the membership;
3)       Discuss whether the GAC should take a position
on an issue for which the group recommends the Chamber act, and finally;
4)       Discuss whether the Chamber should advocate for said issue.

The GAC regularly invites experts in various fields to discuss issues that may affect Chamber members.  In addition, our local elected officials, when available, provide the GAC updates regarding the upcoming bills and legislation that impact our community.  
What's Best for New Hampshire
Senator David Watters
District 4, Strafford County

 The fall season in the legislative year includes bill filing for the session starting in January, commission meetings, and meetings with constituents.  Having passed a budget in June, major attention this year will be on reauthorizing Medicaid Expansion and the opioid crisis, but we will also work through some 300 Senate bills and bills received from the House.  As a member of the Senate Education, Transportation, and Capital Budget Committees, my work will concentrate on bills we will hear, and I will guide the 17 bills for which I am the prime sponsor through the legislative process.

As a senator, I am deeply committed to its collegial and, most often, bipartisan process.  We know we cannot let the toxic political environment of Washington affect our ability to do what is best for New Hampshire.  Read More...
Update: Dover Waterfront Project

Dover City Planner, Steve Bird

In the last few months significant progress has been made in the efforts of the Cochecho Waterfront Development Advisory Committee (CWDAC) and the City to redevelop the City-owned waterfront property along the Cochecho River. 

Bluff Excavation:  In early November, the remaining permits required from the state and federal permitting agencies were obtained. This has allowed the work on the removal of a 3.7 acre portion of the bluff to begin in early December. Tree clearing began the first week of December and the plan is to begin the excavation of the soil layer above the bedrock a week after that. The soil will be trucked to Maglaras Park where it will be placed on the slope north of the dredge cell.  The blasting of the bedrock is scheduled to begin in early January and continue until March 15th.  Read More...
GAF Survey
We'd like to better understand the business needs of our members. Help us determine our course for 2018. 

Shaheen & Gordon Moving to Bank Building

Shaheen & Gordon is happy to bring you this quarterly newsletter focused on legislative matters important to the Greater Dover Community. 

The bank building on the corner of Central Avenue and Washington Street is in the process of being gutted and transformed where the second floor will become the new home of Shaheen & Gordon's Dover Law Office. 
The Shaheen & Gordon Group LLC has been creating legislative strategies for our clients for more than a decade.  Located within walking distance of the State House, we are available to interact with New Hampshire decision makers on a daily basis.  Our clients have included national as well as local businesses looking to introduce new legislation or make changes to existing laws.  If there is a particular statute or administrative rule that is causing concern, let us know and we may be able to help.  Please contact Mike McLaughlin at our legislative group, The Shaheen & Gordon Group, at 603-225-7262 or at mmclaughlin@shaheengordon.com.
NH House Education Committee Recommends School Choice Bill
Holly Ramer, Associated Press
Originally Published-Nov. 14, 2017

A bill that would allow New Hampshire parents to use state funding to send their children to private schools is closer to becoming law after winning a narrow endorsement Tuesday by the House Education Committee.

The bill, which was passed by the Senate in March but retained in the House, would provide parents with the state's basic per-pupil grant of roughly $3,000 to be used for private school tuition or home schooling. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu supported it but pushed for an amendment to tighten eligibility based on income and other criteria.    After several hours of discussion, the Republican-led education committee voted 10-9 to recommend an updated version of the amendment. The vote was mostly along party lines, though two Republicans - Reps. Robert Elliott of Salem and James Grenier of Lempster - opposed the bill, and one Democrat - Rep. Barbara Shaw of Manchester - supported it.  
Capital Improvements Program Kicks Off Budget Season
City Manager, Michael Joyal

In October, I presented the City's annual Capital Improvements Program (CIP) during a joint workshop session of the Planning Board and City Council. That presentation kicked of a series of additional meetings and public hearings on the 2019-24 CIP, a key tool of our budget process.

We assemble and present the CIP each fall. The CIP prioritizes all capital spending of $25,000 or more for items with a useful life of three years or longer. Based on City Council financing policy, funding for these items includes bonding, the annual operating budget or other types of financing. This six-year program links infrastructure spending to the goals and values outlined in the City's Master Plan. Through this process, we identify projects within the six-year timeline, based on the priorities established in our Master Plan.  Read More...

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