"Great Awakening"
June 16th, Saturday
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Thanks to your enthusiasm and positive feedback, we are offering another unique seminar on June 16th, Saturday!

Up-to-date informative seminar with unlimited "fights till we drop" with Gen 2 e-hogus and e-helmets. Korean food to feed our hunger and certified referees for a fair game.

Best of it all, everyone wins...meaning, sponsorship and scholarships offered to seminar hosts like Victoria Stambaugh from Puerto Rico, Damian Villa and Abel Mendoza from Mexico, so that they may continue to do what they do best in setting a stepping stone for our future Olympic stars, as well as giving away scholarships to outstanding student-athletes from every school of all ages.

This time, we are offering scholarships to Jr open championship, Costa Rica Open plane tickets, free entry to our next seminar, and cash prizes.

What a best way to equip our student-athletes and world class athletes for upcoming Nationals as well as getting International experience at Costa Rica Open!

If you are a college student, get a special student discount and collaborate with NYU (New York University) and State University at Buffalo collegiate TKD team athletes and receive sponsorship for the National Collegiate. There's just so much of giving back to the athletes by the athletes!

Sign up now to be entered to have "breakfast with champs" and to receive your free tshirt! AND personal photo with our olympic caliber athletes and get their autograph (on your forehead).

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Point of Contact :
Andrew Park
718-888-0044 / 917-575-0440 (call & text directly)