Ilene Proctor Presents #68 in the Great Minds Series:





Mr. 1% MARK PASH, CEO Center for Progressive Economics in Conversation

with NOMI PRINS the bestselling author: All the Presidents' Bankers





WHEN:   Tuesday , May 20th, 2014

 TIME:      7:00 PM



 Tickets: $25.00 includes Dinner and Dessert

$20,00 for PDLA and SCDLA members


Catering by Dureyshevar - The Spice Princess








MONEY TALKS: PLEASE LISTEN  Mark and Nomi will discuss the Fight over Inequality, The 1% vs the Rest of America but Mark his words  there is a  solution to all this financial pollution. Mark whom Money Magazine called one of the top financial planners in America is a full member of the 1%ers,  founder and CEO for the Center for Progressive Economics. For me, where Robert Reich ends, Mark Pash begins ...I suggested that idea as a book title if Mark writes another book. His first was E=mC- The Theory of Economic Relativity. The Solution for the 21st Century., Over the past 40 years Mark has been very active in the financial industry helping clients with their budgets, investments, loans, income taxes, social security, medical coverage and scores of other person financial issues. Additionally, Mark has founded a number of financial organizations and has served as an officer of various industry corporations and associations. His extensive background brings a grounded understanding of the practical and theoretical in the field of economics. Mark has long been active in politics and was a Congressional candidate in 1996.




Nomi Prins's explosive new account of the hundred-year symbiosis between the White House and Wall Street transcends the simple, widely-accepted notions of money driving politics, greed driving bankers, or bankers controlling governments..  She presents a fascinating historical narrative of how a select group of the same players recycled their influence for decades through Wall Street and Washington, and  delineates how key bankers from J.P. Morgan to David Rockefeller to Jamie Dimon partnered with presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Barack Obama to transform the American economy and government, dictate foreign and domestic policy, and shape world history.


Based on her extensive research across the country, investigating original presidential archival documents, Prins unravels the multi-generational relationships-fostered at family gatherings, elite colleges, and exclusive


Prins divulges how, through the Cold War and Vietnam era, presidents and bankers pushed American expansion abroad, while promoting social welfare at home. But starting in the 1970s, their goals diverged. Bankers no longer required validation from the Oval Office or allegiance to a public good. This loyalty shift, coupled with more complex global markets, proved disastrous for citizens as presidents lost control over the economy, culminating in the financial crisis of 2008.


Nomi Prins is a journalist, speaker, respected TV and radio commentator, and former Wall Street executive. Author of five other books, including Other People's Money and It Takes a Pillage, her writing has also been featured in theNew York Times, Fortune, Mother Jones, the Guardian, the Nation, and other publications. She is a senior fellow at Demos.




"The relationship between Washington and Wall Street isn't really a revolving door. It's a merry-go-round. And, as Prins shows, the merriest of all are the bankers and financiers that get rich off the relationship, using their public offices and access to build private wealth and power. Disturbing and important."

-Robert B. Reich, Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, University of California at Berkeley






 Brad is a prolific political, social and cultural writer and speaker. Parker has worked extensively on copyright and Net Neutrality issues.Brad Parker is a recording artist, songwriter, producer and musician. Parker's music has earned him numerous awards in countries around the world with sales in the millions. In America his hit Country song "Nobody's Gonna Rain On Our Parade," recorded by Kathy Mattea, earned him BMI awards as a songwriter and a publisher as well as a BMI "Million-airs" citation for over 1 million broadcast performances . Brad has published two books, "Left Turn Only: Dispatches From The Progressive Underground," and "One Hundred Days Of Poetry" in paperback and as eBooks. You can find them on Scribd, Amazon, iBooks, Kindle etc. Brad's website is:









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