Perhaps it was foreshadowing of what was to come in 2020, or perhaps it was the Universe's plan all along, or perhaps like usual they were ahead of a trend! Here is the story:

We first met Chris & Erick at the Wedding Ring Show in Hamilton.
Their's was to be a large & grand wedding in the Spring of 2020.
It was to be beautiful with many friends and family gathered to witness 
the big  "I do". 
But something happened - and it wasn't COVID.
A close friend's health was frail and Chris & Erick asked if we could 
help plan a small elopement ceremony in their backyard 
- and save the BIG event still for 2020.
Light Bulb ! I suggested they get married in my French Peasant Garden 
- and well - I think you might agree 
it was beautiful, intimate, romantic and just right !
They never did have the grand-style wedding, instead opting for what guests thought was an invitation to an engagement party some weeks later. And much to everyone's surprise Chris & Erick announced they were already married !
So many couples now face the decision about postponing their wedding this year due to the health crisis. & we are happy to work with you on your new date.
But... Here is something to consider - how about be inspired by Chris & Erick - have an intimate elopement ceremony  - and the big party next year !
We can help you with that !
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