Mon. June 27, 2016
WOOOOHOOO!  Registration is OPEN!!!
Spend the summer playing harp with Deborah Henson-Conant ...
no matter where you spend your summer!

 It's a 6-WEEK Virtual PLAYALONG Summer Camp
just for HARP PLAYERS!
  Starting July 7th

 Dear {First Name},

Registration is now OFFICIALLY OPEN for  SUMMER HARP JAM 2016!  This is, without a doubt, MY MOST FUN program of the yearIt starts July 7 and lasts all Summer.  And if you're one of the first 25 to sign up you get an exclusive VIP BONUS JAM with me.  So REGISTER NOW to have the GREATEST summer EVER!


Well ...  

Do you wish you could just sit down and PLAY your heart out – no sheet music, no stand, no worries?
Do you wish you knew exactly what to do when someone says “Let’s Jam!” 
Do you wish you could create your own intros, endings, interludes and improvs without having to think it all through in advance - even if you've never improvised before?
Do you just want to have FUN playing??

That's EXACTLY what you DO in

 You'll learn it all by playing ALONG – the way I learned as a kid.  It’s called “Call and Response Learning” and it’s THE MOST FUN way to learn any music - and the greatest way to learn to get comfortable with improvising - even if you think you CAN'T improvise.

You’ll play the whole time at your own level - whether you're a fledgling player or professional. As your level changes, you add as much or as little as you want.  EVERYONE has fun when they can enjoy TRULY PLAYING at their own level, right?!
Hey, I teach courses all year long where harpists from all around the world learn to arrange, improvise, play Blues, create their ultimate party-piece – and people learn a LOT ... but SUMMER HARP JAM is 6 weeks of pure KICK-BACK-AND JUST-PLAY!
Wait ... did I say “6 Weeks?”  It’s actually 8 weeks because the program comes with 2 extra review weeks so you can really enjoy what you’ve learned.
No homework, no stress, no way to get behind. This is like SUMMER MUSIC CAMP!  It's all about play.
Each week we learn a new jam sequence from scratch - so you don’t have to remember anything from the week before.  You can even miss a week (or two!) and drop back in whenever you want - and it’s always fun

And these are sequences you can use over and over again in SO many different ways, whether you're playing alone or with friends.  I'll show you how to play them with rhythm - and how to play them gently for bedside or meditation.

And then ... you can download all the jams as MP3s for your own virtual playalong sessions whenever you want  - or you can link to them online in the classroom -- or come live to the jams.  You can do it the way that works best for YOU!
Learn more at and register now!  Did I mention that the first 25 to register get an BONUS Exclusive VIP Jam … 
I can’t wait to see you at SUMMER HARP JAM 2016!


Deborah Henson-Conant / /

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P.P.S. Got questions about it?  Use my "Ask a Question" form to ask me ANYTHING!  And I will personally answer.

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