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It has been a decade since the advent of the Hashtag , and an endless list of application providers and digital creators have competed since then to boom the social media market into the marketing behemoth that it is today.

Now, more than 80 million photos are shared daily, and using social media as a business building tool has never been more crucial than it is now. By utilizing web campaign statistics, lower third overlays, event URL pages, and event “call to action” graphics, we modernize your social media engagement and keep you connected with your audience members. Funding for Social Media projection screens or LED Walls is easy to acquire with sponsorship from event vendors and advertisers.

In the Event Management world, Social Media displays are now a valuable asset to engage your audience, and keep your attendees informed of current happenings . We employ several options that allow you to artfully integrate these tools with your existing live event support to create an experience-driven method to deliver your message .

Functionality and pricing varies, and the capacities of each solution constantly evolve as each provider vies to posture themselves as the best turnkey platform for the dollar.

The following is a brief rundown of three solutions we have used, including their strengths and pitfalls:
1.We will start with the best “free” option we have used to date:

Advantages: Free (Limited functionality)

Shortcomings: Instagram and Twitter Support Only,

  • Hashslider is an image aggregator that pulls from Instagram, and Twitter.

  • You have the ablity to moderate your feed, and take a full scale slideshow to your event screens.

  • By adding Hashtags “#” (Free) and FollowTags “@” (paid service only) you can compile your event photos and tweets together creating a virtual meetingplace for your audience to assemble their memories.

  • Keep in mind that in order for HashSlider to work, the accounts displayed must be made “public”.

  • Paid options will allow a larger pool of posts to be compiled, as well as options to disable the branding.

  • Subscription Costs range from $4 - $300, more details can be found at (Similar:
2.Our middle of the road solution for social media display is:

Advantages: Moderate Pricing, Facebook Post/IG/Twitter Support,
Content Moderation, Display Customization, Call to Action

Shortcomings: No Snapchat support, No Facebook Hashtag support

  • Tintup ranges from $500 a day and up.

  • This solution includes full customization of the content aggregation page, moving slideshows and custom event URL’s that allow your audience to stay in the loop.

  • Prompt your attendees to participate with Call-To-Action graphics.

  • Snapchat is still not supported, and neither are Facebook hashtags.
3.The most comprehensive option in terms of functionality is:

Advantages: Content Moderation, Custom event URL’s, Easy display
page Customization, Facebook hashtags and Snapchat
support available

Shortcomings: Price

  • Tagboard ranges from $500 - $2,500 per event.

  • Full pricing includes Snapchat support, as well as support for Facebook posts and Facebook hashtags which remain unavailable until you reach the $1,250 per day pricing tier.

  • Full customization of the display is easy to moderate during show with a dedicated “social media engineer” to facilitate changes.

  • Social Media campaign statistics, hashtag battles, live polling, Real time posting contests, and content capture consent agreements are other rich feature benefits to using Tagboard.
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