Abstract Submission Extension
Due to large demand from the community, we are pleased to announce the deadline extension for the submission of abstracts to April 21! If you have anything saved in Drafts, now is the time to Submit. Your abstract is perfect the way it is!

You have one (1) MORE week to submit your abstract(s)!
Young Investigators will have the opportunity to apply for the Young Investigator Grant offering free registration to the meeting with access to watch all sessions on-demand following the end of the meeting. In addition, monetary prizes will be awarded to the top-rated abstract(s) in each category and best presentations as part of the poster tours. Be sure to tick the Young Investigator Grant box during the submission process! 

2021 Abstract Themes (topics) include:

  • Liver Inflammation, Viral Pathogenesis, and Carcinogenesis
  • Tools for HCV Elimination: Diagnostics, Sequencing and Beyond
  • SARS-Cov2/HCV interaction 
  • Animal Models, Organoids and Replication Systems
  • Innate Immunity/Virus-Host Interaction
  • Virus Life Cycle 1 (Entry and Replication)
  • Virus Life Cycle 2 (Translation and Assembly)
  • Antivirals, Challenges and New Frontiers
  • Adaptive Immunity
  • Vaccines