July 2020 has proven to be one of our busiest and most expensive months this year and we are only halfway through the month. We are in desperate need of some help with medical bills as we have rescued a number of injured dogs and cats this month have that required expensive veterinary care.

Our veterinary bills have already topped $12,000.00 this month which is double what we normally spend for a two week period. Please consider making a life-saving tax deductible donation in any amount. We know that we ask a lot from our supporters but for many of these animals we are their only hope and chance at a better life.

Your donation towards the medical care of our rescued animals is what allows us to make miracles happen for the voiceless, innocent animals we are saving daily.

Please donate now by clicking on the link below or checks can be mailed to Detroit Pit Crew, PO Box 3111, Center Line, MI 48015. All donations are tax deductible.

With Sincere Gratitude-

Theresa Sumpter
Executive Director
Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue
We rescued Liberty off the streets of Detroit after she had been dumped out of a vehicle in horrific condition. She was also terrified and it took us awhile to gain her trust and secure her. She had a terrible case of mange as well as secondary skin infection. She is now receiving treatment and is starting to feel better and gain confidence.
Little Abel's was surrendered to us due to a condition which affected his legs and made them stiff. He was not able to move his lower legs at all. We took him to an emergency vet for care. He has been in one of our awesome fosters homes where he is receiving around- the-clock care and physical therapy which is helping him with his mobility.
We received a call about a tiny kitten that was limping around the streets of Detroit and needed help. We are not normally a cat rescue but we just couldn't leave this little one out to die. We picked her up and rushed her to an emergency vet where they determined she has a broken leg, which will need surgery to repair.
Whiskey was seen running the streets of Detroit severely matted and limping on his back leg. We took him to an emergency vet where it was determined he has a dislocated left ankle with floating bone chips in the joint as well as a skin infection, ear infection and he is also positive for heartworm. He will need surgery to repair his leg and then will also need heartworm treatment.
We received a call about a small dog that had been run over by a vehicle on the West side of Detroit. We went to the location and picked up little Travis and rushed him to an emergency vet for care. Unfortunately he sustained three fractures to his pelvis and the impact of the car caused his hip to be dislocated. He is going to need several expensive surgeries to repair the damage.
We received an urgent call about a mom that had been surrendered to a shelter while in labor. Shortly after being placed in the shelter Luna gave birth to seven little puppies. We were asked to take on this entire family as a shelter is no place for a mom and newborn puppies. The entire family is thriving in one of our awesome foster homes.
A law enforcement agency called us to help them with a dog that they had picked up after it was hit by a car. The emergency vet that we took Morris to said that he had sustained a break to his pelvis, which will need to be surgically repaired by an orthopedic surgeon.
We discovered these three sick kittens in a window well. One kitten had a severe eye infection and all three had upper respiratory infections. They received care at an emergency vet and all three kittens are doing well.
We rescued Tiny off the streets of Detroit on one of the hottest days of the year as he was found wondering around in traffic. He was treated at an emergency veterinarian for heat exhaustion and dehydration. Thankfully this older blind little guy survived his ordeal on the streets of Detroit and he is now doing much better.
Sassy came to us severely injured and had reportedly been attacked by two other dogs that came from underneath a fence. We rushed her to an emergency vet where she received life-saving care. Sassy's wounds are now healing and she is feeling much better.
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