February 22, 2019
Welcome to the February 2019 HOT From The Pit!
It's cold outside, but it's always HOT inside!
Exclusive Deal For Pitmaster Club Members!
Our "Head Firestarter" Paul Sidoriak (A.K.A. allsid) was able to score a great deal for our members from the good folks at ThermoWorks on their new 4-probe Wi-Fi/Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer known as Signals TM !

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What do we love about the Signals TM ?

  • Store live temperature data in the Cloud for seamless cook tracking
  • Saves your last 10 cooks for review
  • Set high & low alarms for both your pit and your meats right in the app
  • Name each channel and receive alerts on your phone or tablet wherever you go
  • View live temperature graphs or save and download data for further analysis
  • No dedicated receiver needed, uses any smartphone or tablet on your Wi-Fi network or in Bluetooth range

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In Case You Missed It
If you haven't already noticed, Meathead has been posting excerpts from his next book , due out in early 2020, in the Excerpts From Meathead's Next Book channel in the Pitmaster Club forum, nearly as soon as he gets the content written. As a Pitmaster Club member you get sneak peeks over a year in advance!

Keep your eyes peeled for more eye-popping, mouth-watering, and artistically-inspiring content showcasing the unique science-meets-art perspective of the up and coming book "The Meathead Method: Barbecue Science Meets Art"!
Show Us What You're Cooking!
Here we go folks, some highlights from our most popular thread!

Every season we create a new topic to showcase the outdoor culinary masterpieces your fellow Pitmaster Club members create. These are only some of the highlights that we've had over the past month. Make sure to check out the full Show Us What You're Cooking! (SUWYC) - Volume 12, Winter 2018/2019 topic here.
The month of February sure has been a chilly one in much of North America, however that did not deter the cooks in The Pitmaster Club.

Let's kick this off with some stick-to-your-bones Ghost Pepper Chili From Elton's BBQ ! You know this helped everyone thaw out on those chilly evenings over in Norway. Wonderful color, Mr. Elton!
Hulagn1971 whipped up some amazing low-calorie pork chops, cooked sous vide. 140 F X 2 hours and a good, hot sear on a cast iron skillet is all it took! Drizzled with some Caribbean mango sauce and served with asparagus and jasmine rice that was sprinkled with Tajin! What a great meal! Who knew healthy could look and taste so good?
Next up, we have a chimichurri sauce over some glorious skirt steak. One of my favorites! This beef was seared up over a smokin' hot grill to get that wonderful char that we all crave! Nice work barefly !!
From the frozen plains of south-central Minnesota, we have Skip's Cast Iron Cinnamon Swirl Bread. What could be better on a cold winter day in Minnesota? Beautiful creation, Skip !
Pitmaster Club members are always resourceful when it comes to cooking; never letting leftovers go to waste. Nowhere was that more clear than when theroc posted his Pork Pho. Made with left-over pork loin, bok choy, mushrooms, and some homemade broth. Warms the soul!
Now out to Rockland County, NY for a throw back to something more primal. Steve B got that Lone Star Grillz Offset fired up and grilled a dino-sized porterhouse and a fillet over the live fire!
This next meal is really something special. RonB made some amazing Tortilla Soup for his lovely wife. What a bowl! ( He also posted his recipe here !!)
Pequod fired up the Komodo Kamado and had a whole chicken spinning on the rotisserie. The results looked spectacular. Just look at that color on the skin. Packed with flavor!!
Attack is back and he did not let us down with this cook. Beef Satay with Wagyu flat-iron beef, anyone? Sign me up! What a cook!
Yogi77 made some incredible Russian skewers from pork neck with roasted veggies. Check out that set up! Very cool!
Now, for one of the least celebrated cuts of beef in The Pitmaster Club, we have DavidNorcross's London Broil. Beautifully sliced and seared to perfection!
hoovarmin's Prime strip steak has my mouth watering...
To round this edition out, we wanted to end it with a special cook from Troymeister . Troy recently had a health-related "close call". Troy mentioned in this post just how happy he was to be here, more than ever! What he may not have realized was how relieved and happy we were to read that he is on the mend! The cook below is proof of that!

Troymeister, on behalf of the AmazingRibs.com staff and the thousands of Pitmaster Club members, we dedicate this issue of the SUWYC highlights to you!! May your smoke always run clear and your cooks continue for many years to come! Be well, friend!

First post-medical issue cook : EVOO shrimp scampi served over squid ink pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and broccoli raab, lightly sprinkled with Parmesan Reggiano. Spectacular!
Your assignment- sharpen up your photography skills & make it hard on us to pick which pics make the cut next month.

Be sure to visit the Show Us What You're Cooking! (SUWYC)- Volume 12, Winter 2018/2019 topic to view these glamour shots and to share yours!
Member Highlight: Fermented Garlic by IowaGirl
Have you ever wanted to hold on to those flavors of summer and fall? Or maybe you got a little too aggressive with the garden one summer. Either way, we all have wish we could have a taste of seasons past. Well, Pitmaster Club Member IowaGirl might have a solution for you! She was kind enough to share her technique for fermenting locally-grown fall garlic.

Her process is similar to how cabbage is fermented into sauerkraut. This recipe and process uses a 2% brine solution to keep the garlic for a long time. What is really great is all that flavor and potency of the garlic stays after the brining and fermentation process is complete. Anyone who is a fan of garlic, canning, or anyone who is simply curious needs to check out her post. It is a great read with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions (and pictures, which is perfect for me. 😉 ) Check it out here!
Catch Up On The PitCasts
Don't forget to learn a little about your fellow Pit members and others in the BBQ biz by listening to Greg Rempe's recent weekly interviews on his members only PitCasts, posted each week on Thursday in The PitCast with Greg Rempe channel .

Be sure to let Greg know what you think of the PitCast in this 2019 PitCast Input topic and offer any suggestions you may have.

Don't worry, you don't have to be a pro pitmaster or chef, you don't even have to know much about cooking or BBQ, you just have to answer his questions and tell us a little about yourself! He does most of the work and makes it very enjoyable.
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