June 29, 2019
It's finally summer in the northern hemisphere, and while many of us know no BBQ "season", it's safe to say it's full steam... err, smoke, ahead!
June's "Great Giveaway" Winner!
June's "Great Giveaway" Sweepstakes winner was Charter Member Jaster , better known as Ian Ray.

Ian had the 3rd-fastest ever response time, 9 minutes, to get the notification email and read it, log in, and claim his prize.

"Get right out of town", he said. "A little overwhelmed right now, but to save the regulars a week of anguish, I am alive, I am super excited and I will get back to this thread the second I decide (wife tells me) what I want. "

Originally picking the Hasty Bake, Ian changed his mind (thankfully before it was too late) and decided to go with our latest addition to the prize choices, the Slow 'N Sear Deluxe Kamado from Adrenaline Barbecue Company, with an MSRP of $1,499! The new "SnSK" has received both the coveted Best New Products of 2019 and Platinum Medal awards from the AmazingRibs.com team!

Ian also scored a 3-bottle gift set of Black Swan Gourmet BBQ sauces and a $100 gift certificate to Porter Road Meats. Click here to score a Pitmaster Club Members-only discount of $15 off at Porter Road!
The winner has 5 days from when we notify him or her, and once that time's up we draw another name. In February we had to draw 3 names since the first two winners didn't respond to us! Make sure the email address in your account settings is one you use regularly, and make sure you have us (@amazingribs.com) whitelisted or added as a contact. And when you get an email from us, OPEN IT!
Honoring Our Founding Members
With the 5-year anniversary of our Pitmaster Club approaching in July, we wanted to do something to honor some of the members who helped us spread our wings during our very first month. We decided that, in addition to Charter Member titles for everyone who joined us in year 1, we would also create the new title Founding Member for members who joined in our first month, July 14, 2014 - August 14, 2014. The change happened automatically a couple weeks ago

If you are one of our Founding Members, THANK YOU for being a loyal member and for the support you've shown since our very first month! And even if you're not a Founding Member or a Charter Member, we still want to give you a big thank you for your support.

Without you dear members we would not exist!
New Forum User Manual
If you're a new member, or are new to forums in general, it can be difficult to find your way around in a forum or online bulletin board. Forums are way different than a regular "static" website full of articles and pictures. Forums are interactive for you, the reader, and your fellow members, they contain many channels or subjects, and you can post new topics in those channels, reply to existing topics, share picture, videos, links; the list goes on and on.

We've been working hard to develop an intuitive Help! section, FAQs, and User Manual for those times when you just can't figure out how to accomplish something. While many of these "how-to" and tutorial topics have been here a while, we've been able to arrange them into a much more streamlined collection. We hope you're able to get the answers to what you seek! If you still cannot find what you need with regard to forum function or your membership details, you can always post a call for help and someone will come running.
Audio Interviews With JT (Jeff Tracy) "The Cowboy Cook"
Don't forget about our Audio & Video Seminars with Pitmaster Professors channel. This is where our catalogue of past video interviews with the likes of pitmaster champ Harry Soo, KCBS President (and AmazingRibs.com moderator) Candy Sue Weaver, and fascinating science-meets-cooking interviews with Dr. Greg Blonder are housed.

Recently we've also added some audio interviews from Jeff Tracy, known as JT The Cowboy Cook. Jeff is host of the "BBQ Nation" radio show syndicated by Alpha Media USA to more than 100 stations across the nation. We've purchased the rights to some interviews with big names.

With more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, JT has appeared in movies, was part of a reality series for Discovery Channel, appeared in many TV commercials, and appearances as The Cowboy Cook on ABC TV affiliates. In his spare time JT has written for several magazines with the stories focused on food and fun.

The title "The Cowboy Cook" is related to his fame in the horse world where he won a number of National Championships and world titles starting at the age of 16.

Hear him interview such names in the BBQ biz as Aaron Franklin, Noah Glanville, Johnny Hernandez and Ben Lang of Lang Smokers. More to come, so stop by and catch up!
In Case You Missed It
If you missed the announcement a couple issues ago, Meathead tells us he has made the difficult decision to postpone his next book, "The Meathead Method: Barbecue Science Meets Art" one year, to a tentative release date of April 2021.

There are several reasons for this decision, and he shares them with you here.
The good news is over half of the book is currently written, and he continues to share sneak peeks with members in the Excerpts From Meathead's Next Book channel , in which he's already shared several new recipes and informative editorial pieces.

Much like a fine wine, whiskey, or that brisket on the smoker, sometimes "a little more time" is what's needed to take something from good to great!

We know when it hits the shelves it will have been worth the wait!
"Hits From The Pit" Member Recipe Program
We are selecting some of the best original recipes from our Pitmaster Club members and publishing them on the pages of AmazingRibs.com, the free portion of the website, where your family, friends, and co-workers can see them.

Moderators will select some of the most interesting recipes, then either Huskee or Troutman , our Member Recipe Director, will contact you for permission. Troutman will cook them up as a test and organize them so they match our site's recipe writing style.
Once testing has been completed, we'll show you the final version and if you approve, we'll publish it on the free site alongside recipes from Meathead and Clint for the whole world to see! For more details on the program and its official rules, see our sticky post here in the "Hits From The Pit"- Member Recipe Pr ogram sub- channel!
Verde Enchilada Pork Chili and the accompanying Salsa Verde, both from member ofelles.
Stuffed Artichokes, by theroc
For past recipes from the likes of Attjack, RonB, Ernest, Mosca, lonnie mac, and Spinaker that were selected, prepared, and posted to the pages of AmazingRibs.com, see the "Hits From The Pit"- Member Recipe Program sub-channel.

Stay tuned for more!
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Show Us What You're Cooking!
This month's issue will close out the Show Us What You're Cooking! (SUWYC)- Volume 13, Spring 2019 topic. This has been an amazing SUWYC thread the whole spring season. Everyone really picked up their photo game!
Let's get this started with a G.O.T. "finale" cook by rgriffeath. I would say this chimichurri burger with onion rings is fit for a king on any throne!
Onez fired up his PK360 for an awesome beef short rib cook. Check out that gorgeous smoke ring!
Attjack was at it again......This time he fired up some split chicken breasts and thighs, asparagus, herbed goat cheese and stuffed sweet peppers with rice. What a meal!
Sometimes simplicity is the best method. Check out this tasty burger from Ernest. Ground chuck, cheese, fried onions and bacon! Nothing wrong with that!
efincoop made up a gorgeous USDA Prime brisket. He followed the "hot and fast" trend for this cook, and it looks like it was a huge hit!
Steve B crushed this ribeye cook. Check out that sear with the Vortex! Nice job, my friend! He went with some simple salt and pepper for the rub and it looks like it did not disappoint!
hoovarmin got creative while making some chicken satay. He used romaine lettuce for the wrap, which was topped with peanut sauce, rice and Thai cucumber relish. Looks like a tasty dish!
Next we have one of the coolest cooks I have seen! Check out this miniature S'mores cook on the mini kettle! 3 briquettes does the job! Nice work Richard Chrz!
ItsAllGoneToTheDogs rolled up something savory with this pork loin roll. Spinach, sun dried tomatoes, Italian seasoning, mozzarella and garlic. All smoked up on his MAK pellet smoker and served with a side of sprouts.
Treesmacker got the chicken rack out to make some killer chicken legs on his REC TEC pellet grill. These were dusted with Dizzy Pig Peruvianish rub.
troymeister was shooting for something a little different with this spicy Thai basil chicken that he tossed up on his Blackstone griddle. Looks like this was a great cook!
One of our new trial members, Ribhard made a killer paella this month! There is a lot going on in that pan, so I will let the picture speak for itself! WOW!
grantgallagher cooked up some awesome chipotle slaw tacos with Sriracha sauce.
HouseHomey quite possibly made the best steak salad ever known. Fresh veggies and perfectly seared steak! Nice work Homey!
JoeSousa used his 26-inch kettle to smoke up some HUGE beef ribs from Porter Road. Check out that bark. Looks like he nailed it!
For the final post of the spring edition of SUWYC, we have a dry brined 3.5-lb. pork loin from Snake River Farms. Served with a board sauce of fresh parsley, oregano, sage, garlic, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar. Nice work, theroc!!
Your assignment- sharpen up your photography skills & make it hard on us to pick which pics make the cut next month.

Everyone did a great job this month! Y'all made my job easy! :)

As mentioned, the above shots were from your fellow members in the now-retired "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC) - Volume 13, Spring 2019 " topic. To share your cooks, please visit the brand new "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC) - Volume 14, Summer 2019" topic!
Catch Up On The PitCasts
Don't forget to learn a little about your fellow Pit members and others in the BBQ biz by listening to Greg Rempe's recent weekly interviews on his members only PitCasts, posted each week on Thursday in The "PitCast" with Greg Rempe channel.

Be sure to let Greg know what you think of the PitCast in this 2019 PitCast Input topic and offer any suggestions you may have.

You don't have to be a pro pitmaster or chef, you don't even have to know much about cooking or BBQ, you just have to answer his questions and tell us a little about yourself! He does most of the work and makes it very enjoyable.
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