March 27, 2020
Spring has sprung, and it's time for this month's "HOT From The Pit!" Please share this.
Saturday March 28 Is "Stay In & Cookout" Day!
Please join us tomorrow, Saturday March 28 for a very special event coined by PK Grills called National Stay In & Cookout Day!

Fire up your grill, smoker, griddle, hibachi, plancha - you name it - and cook outside. Feed your family. Use for some recipe inspiration or make your favorite ol' standby. Just cook, and then snap pics of the action and/or the finished product! To quote Scott Moody from PK Grills, "let's put a pleasurable spin on the confines of "social distancing".

Then, share those pics on your favorite social media outlets using the hashtag #stayincookout. We even have a special 1-day version of our popular "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC)" specifically for Saturday's event. After you post your pics to social media tagged #stayincookout, go there and share them with your fellow Pitmaster Club members too!
March 2020 Great Giveaway Winner
March's Great Giveaway Sweepstakes winner is Corey Davidson, or "Pit Master Apprentice" as you may know him. Corey is a loyal 6th-year Founding Member.

"HOLY SMOKES! I can't believe I'm this month's lucky SOB ", Corey replied. "...this is the best community out there on the interwebs", he later said. We agree!

Each monthly winner gets:
  • Any prize of their choice from our prize page,
  • a $24 value 3-bottle pack of Black Swan Gourmet BBQ sauces (now on Amazon),
  • a $100 gift certificate to Porter Road meats for some high quality proteins of their choice to toss on their cooker, and
  • a $60 value 4-bottle pack of low-salt/high flavor premium seasonings from Heaven Made Products,
  • everything, including the main prize, delivered for free!
Every paid USA member* gets automatic entry each month that their membership is current, there's nothing else you need to do. Whether you joined yesterday or have been with us since our first year in 2014, your name is in the hat. Your odds are 1 in 1,333 over the course of a year.
*For more on why it's only valid for USA members, please see the Q&A section at the bottom of this newsletter and follow the link to the Help section of our forum.
You snooze, you lose!

The winner has 5 days from when we notify him or her, and once that time's up we draw another name and the previous winner forfeits, and this is non-reversible. It happens every few months, someone doesn't get our email and they forfeit. Don't let that be you!
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It's Here! Max's Weber SmokeFire Review
The cooker everyone has been talking about, the Weber SmokeFire, has been thoroughly tested by the world's only full time grill and smoker tester, Max Good. Check out his incredibly thorough review here.
For access to more new recipes and gear reviews before they're advertised publicly, be sure to check out our Sneak Peeks channel!
Pitmaster Club Stickers Are Here
Want to show off your love for the Pitmaster Club? Of course you do.

We've got a batch of really cool die-cut Pitmaster Club stickers printed and we want to allow members the chance to get them first!

Each sticker is 4" x 3.5" and according to the manufacturer they are weatherproof, waterproof -- even dishwasher safe.
To expedite the process and to offset the cost, send a self-addressed envelop and one dollar ($1) and we will shoot you back two stickers ASAP. Stick one of them on your rear window so everyone can see that you are part of this amazing family, and the other one of your fridge, laptop, grill (the cool part of course), or even your dog!

Special Discount From
As posted in the Pitmaster Club forum's Discounts And Deals channel earlier this month, through the month of March, is offering a 10% discount on their Pit Mitt Heat-Resistant Grill Glove, only $14.39 for our Pitmaster Club members.
The Pit Mitt has the same heat-resistant aramid fiber used in aerospace and military operations to provide a superior protective barrier from surface heat. This grill glove withstands 475 degrees Fahrenheit allowing you to safely hold barbecue tools, transport pans, racks or baskets. The long length helps protect wrists, and the silicone-textured surface provides a nonslip grip. Ideal for transporting hot dishes from the oven or grill to the table. Soft, thick polyester/cotton lining with an ambidextrous design that fits right or left hand.
 Here is the purchase link. Be sure to use our Pitmaster Club Discount Code: PITMASTERCLUB when ordering.
Stay tuned for more monthly specials from exclusively for our members!
$335 Off PK360 Bundle
It's still going! PK Grills has given us an unadvertised bundle deal that they refer to as the "Big BBQ Bundle". This deal isn't promoted on their website, so it can only be seen by people who have access to the Big BBQ Bundle link (us)!
It is a PK360, in silver or graphite (shown here), and every accessory they sell for it for $335 under the regular price. We are part of a small group that has been invited to promote it.
Like the classic PK Grill? Want to save $60 on an exclusive PK Bundle? This bundle includes a classic PK grill in your choice of classic silver (shown) or graphite, a Littlemore Grid add-on grate, and an improved weatherproof cover, and it all ships free!

Give A Free Trial Membership
Share the love; send a friend, family member, co-worker, or even "man's best friend" (we won't tell) who loves BBQ, grilling, and cooking in general this link to snag a free 30-day trial membership to the Pitmaster Club ( o ne free trial per person) :
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 Once a Free Trial member loves us and becomes a $23.95/year paid member, they'll also get the comprehensive temperature guide magnet & automatic monthly entry into the monthly "Great Giveaway" Sweepstakes.
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Show Us What You're Cooking!
The following shots are member submissions from the last month in both our brand new "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC) - Volume 16, Spring 2020" topic and our previous Volume 15, Fall/Winter 2019-2020 topic. Why not join the fun and add your own?
Lets kick this off with some spatchcocked chickens from "Polarbear777". Pit Barrel Cooker chicken is hard to beat.
Next up, we head down to central Texas where "pearlsnapshirt" grilled up some glorious tri-tip sirloin.
Now for one of my personal favorites. Chicken quarters with some Alabama white sauce. "DavidNorcross" did a great job on this cook. This recipe is a must try. Check it out here.
March is for pastrami and "texastweeter" knocked this one out of the park. Nice work!
Now it is time for some carbs......check out these amazing sourdough loafs that "treesmacker" made this month. Great job!
"Pequod" is keeping up with the times with his "Corona Chicken." Drumsticks seasoned with red pepper flakes. Glazed with a maple sriracha sauce.Great looking cook.
"Nate" made some awesome looking bacon-wrapped pork filet mignon for the family. These were cooked on his Grilla pellet grill. Way to go Nate!
Next up we have an awesome cook from "Attjack". How about these Kimchi-brined fried chicken sandwiches? Wow!
Now for a quick trip across the pond to meat up with our good friend, "Henrik" over in Sweden. He made some amazing roast beef sandwiches this month. Awesome presentation, Henrik.
"HouseHomey" might be new to the kamado game, but that did not stop him from loading up his new Primo XL for this first cook.
"JCGrill" made some amazing flank steak with a yummy board sauce. Great colors and a tasty meal.
"theroc" came through on a rainy day in SoCal. He thought it would be a great day for some cioppino. Made with clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp, red snapper and Alaskan cod. I could get on board with that.
How about some seared sous vide ribeyes from "Skinsfan1311"? Wow, these look fantastic. Great action shots.
Because March is for pastrami here is another great cook from "goosebr160". And he cured it himself. Way to go.
"It is tough to beat some apple wood smoked pork loin. Check out the crust on this one from "Macktechie". Fantastic!
To round out the month, we have an awesome cook from "Red Man". SRF corned beef brisket, served with potato salad and sauteed cabbage.
Your assignment: sharpen your photography skills and set up some great poses to help your pic get in the running for next month's issue. Make sure to consider proper lighting and unique dishes to make your cooks really stand out. To share your cooks, please visit the "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC) - Volume 16, Spring 2020" topic.
BBQ Hall Of Fame Nominations
The Barbecue Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for the class of 2020.

If you know of someone who has significantly advanced the love of barbecue, nominate him or her here:
Catch Up On The PitCasts
Here's where we'll post our monthly PitCast details. To give Greg and Meathead material for the show, we need you to submit questions. They're not required to be about BBQ or cooking.

The March "Questions For Meathead" topic is now closed to new submissions, which means the new PitCast will be coming soon! Prepare your questions on anything & everything for Meathead and watch for the April "Questions For Meathead" topic.

Here's February's show. Watch the PitCast channel for March's show soon!
If you want to sit for a brief interview with Greg for a spot on the next PitCast, we can still make that happen!

You don't have to be a pro pitmaster or chef, or even know much about BBQ, you just have to answer his questions and tell us a little about yourself. He does most of the work and makes it very enjoyable. Click here to let Greg know you're interested.
Don't Miss Meathead LIVE On Facebook!
Join Meathead the last Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. for a FaceBook Live conversation. Bring your toughest questions!
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