November 26, 2019
Don't be so quick to put your grills and smokers away, let's get some inspiration from your fellow Pitmaster Club members to keep on cooking and keeping it "HOT" In The Pit!
November's "Great Giveaway" Winner!
The "Great Giveaway" Sweepstakes winner for November 2019 is member "dmcannon99", better known as Dwight Cannon.

"Well, this was a really pleasant surprise to wake up to! " Dwight said. "I have been using gas grills (and smokers) for a long time, so I'll need to get used to using charcoal again...any tips would be sincerely appreciated, and I will be reading up on it here."

Each monthly winner also gets:
  • a $24 value 3-bottle pack of Black Swan Gourmet BBQ sauces,
  • a $100 gift certificate to Porter Road Meats for some high quality proteins of their choice to toss on the cooker, and
  • a $60 value 4-bottle pack of low-salt/high flavor premium seasonings from Heaven Made Products

Every paid USA member gets automatic entry each month that their membership is current, there's nothing else you need to do. Whether you joined yesterday or have been with us since our first year in 2014, your name is in the hat. Y our odds are 1 in 1,333 over the course of a year.
Dwight was the second name drawn this month since our first winner didn't respond in time and forfeited... don't let that happen to you.

The winner has 5 days from when we notify him or her, and once that time's up we draw another name and the previous winner forfeits, and this is non-reversible. Make sure the email address in your account settings is one you use regularly, and make sure you have us ( whitelisted or added as a contact. And when you get an email from us, OPEN IT!
On a different note, if you'd prefer this newsletter delivered to a different email address, just scroll to the bottom of this newsletter and click the "Update Profile" link as shown by the red arrow below. There you can change the email address to which this newsletter goes.
Act quick, Thursday November 28th is the last day to get your name in the hat for the "Golden Ticket" prize!

One lucky winner out of all who've placed their deposit for our "Memphis Meat-Up 2020" will get a free subscription to BBQ Stars - a series of about 100 broadcast-quality videos from a list of 11 top pitmasters including Meathead, Harry Soo, Tuffy Stone, Kent Rollins and more. This is about 50 hours of one-on-one instruction from the pros to you. The price for this is $297, and one of you will get it free!
July 31, 2020 - August 3, 2020 we'll hold a one-of-a-kind "Meat-Up in Memphis". Click here to read 's comments .

Space is limited to 400 people so reserve your seat now.

To join in the community discussion, plan a ride-share, find a room mate, etc, click here.
Malcom Reed Joins Up With!
We're pleased to announce that the great Malcom Reed will be partnering with and will be joining us on the podium at the Meat-Up in Memphis on July 31 and August 1, 2020 (details at We're sure many of you know who Malcom is.

Malcom is one of the most respected men in barbecue and his many videos make him a genuine YouTube star.

A barbecue hobbyist, he started competing in 2002 and it didn’t take long for it to develop into a full-blown addiction. His love for BBQ inspired him to build his website, his YouTube channel, and a podcast where he shares new recipes and promotes the BBQ lifestyle.
He loves to grill a perfect medium-rare steak, and he always enjoys firing up the smoker for a slab of ribs, but whole hog has to be his favorite thing to cook. “Smoking a hog is a long process, it takes a lot of know-how and it’s a lot of fun to cook. There is nothing quite like cooking a 150 pound hog and having it turn out perfect.”

HowToBBQRight is his full-time business. He runs it with his wife, Rachelle and every week they make a new YouTube video, create a new recipe, record a podcast, and he has a line of Killer Hogs rubs and sauces that he sells around the nation.

He has more than 40 different brands of grills and smokers in his yard in a Memphis suburb, but don’t ask him which is his favorite. He says that’s like picking a favorite child. We don’t know how, but he still finds time to compete on the BBQ circuit with his team, Killer Hogs. But his real business is to be a constant student of ‘Que.
Special Discount At ChefSteps
The superb chefs at ChefSteps, the guys who invented Joule, Meathead's favorite sous vide machine, have an awesome website with some polished videos. Don’t hang up! It is not just sous vide!
Chef Grant Crilly is Meathead's "brutha by a different mutha" and he knows his barbecue and grilling. They have started their own version of the Pitmaster Club called "Studio Pass". It contains a lot of superb content including recipes for such cool stuff such as grilled yakitori, grilled veggies, potatoes, Hamachi collar, and beautiful photos and info about most beef cuts.
Studio Pass lists for $69 a year but Grant is offering it to Pitmaster Club members 50% off because he doesn’t want Meathead to tell you about what he did when they got drunk together.
To get the discount, go here then click on “Studio Pass” and then “Subscribe”. Enter “ AMAZING50 ” when prompted. Offer good November 27 - December 31.
New Perk For Members
We've teamed up with the nice folks at National Barbecue News and we're now offering Pitmaster Club members a free monthly subscription (digital edition)!

Founded in 1989, Barbecue News is the only magazine devoted to barbecue and it features columns from BBQ Hall-of-Famers Ardie Davis and Paul Kirk, recipes, news from BBQ associations, a calendar of events, a restaurant guide, book reviews, and ruminations by other experts including the team at (beginning in December). The digital version is especially cool because it is interactive. Many articles and ads are clickable linking you to more info.

National Barbecue News is available in print for $25/year and a digital subscription is $15 per year. You now get the digital version included in your $23.95/year Pitmaster Club membership!
Be Amazing! Give A Friend A Free Membership
Share the love; send a friend, family member, or co-worker who loves BBQ, grilling, and cooking in general this link to snag a free 30-day trial membership to the Pitmaster Club ( o ne free trial per person) :
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Once a Free Trial member loves us and becomes a $23.95/year paid member, they'll also get the comprehensive temperature guide magnet & automatic monthly entry into the monthly "Great Giveaway" Sweepstakes.
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BBQ In Buenos Aires With "Ahumadora"
Our Pitmaster Club friend and fellow BBQ enthusiast from Buenos Aires, Argentina, "Ahumadora", teaches the art of BBQ in his neck of the woods and often delights us with some mouth-watering pics of the results!
See the full collection of posts and pics from "Ahumadora", as well as some from "Henrik" and others, or share pics from BBQ and cooking classes you've attended in our BBQ And Cooking Classes channel!
Show Us What You're Cooking!
Take a look below to see what our members have cooked up so far from the "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC) - Volume 15, Fall/Winter 2019-2020" topic!
"Attjack" had the EVO fired up this month for some pulled pork fried rice. That looks spectacular.
"clb239" had his Pit Barrel Cooker loaded to the gills with four chickens. Check out the skin on those birds. Great looking cook clb239.
"mrteddyprincess" got very creative with some pulled pork and Ramen noodles. Parents will do anything for their kids when they come home from college. The Pho was made from beef bone, chicken wings, pork ribs.
"Nate" had some goodies for his Grilla pellet cooker this month. Here we have his bacon-wrapped pork fillets. This creation consisted with kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder, oregano and basil. These look great, Nate. Slow cooked on the Grilla and then kissed with the torch at the end.
With fall in full swing, check out some of this SnS smoked chili from "rgriffeath". Topped with fresh chives, red onion and sour cream.
The snow is falling in Utah, but that did not stop "Slieb845" from cranking out some gorgeous beef ribs on his Weber Kettle. Check out those dino bones.
"barelfly" made up one of my personal favorites, skirt steak with some chimichurri sauce. This dish always looks best when it is sliced and covered in that sauce. Well done!
"Troutman" cooked his mother a filet Mignon over wine and butter infused mushrooms, pan seared scallops with a butter-cream-dill sauce, sitting on top of creole dirty rice. It is always special when it is for Mom.
Well I know it is not quite time from the holiday ham, but this glazed ham from "Pequod" just could not wait. That is pork nirvana.
"Henrik" was at it again this month. This time he went caveman style and threw some lamb backstraps right on the coals. Simply and wonderfully served.
"Meat P" picked up a new cast iron griddle for his BGE and he put it to use with some fajitas. Nice color!
While me might pretend that it pains us to say it, the truth is not everything needs to be meat, right? Sometimes a good bread bake, in this case from "Thunder77", is a thing a beauty.
Some homegrown grass-fed beef & fixins from "Texastweeter".
Here's a brisket fit to rival anything from the pros, from our own "Richard Chrz". Stunning all the way around, Richard!
Gorgeous flank steak and sauteed cabbage from "Old Glory".
If a more perfect picture of seared sea scallops exists, I haven't seen it. "Hulagn1971" seared these in duck fat and butter, and placed them atop angel hair pasta in a lemon and white wine reduction. Superb job on this one, and invite me over any time!
A meat feast to last a whole week, consisting of two chickens with Meathead's Memphis Dust rub, turkey burgers, sausages, and bacon; all in one cook from "Chris_n_Wyoming".
Here's some "random" chicken enchiladas from new proud papa, "Black99vette".
"pkadare" shares some nice duck pics here, which he smoked naked on the PBC. You'll have to visit the post to see in which context we're using the word "naked"!
Last but most certainly not least: while his handle might be "new2smoking", I think he knows a lot more about smoking and all other manner of cooking than he lets on. Check out not only his perfectly cooked medium rare picanha (sirloin cap), but also the stunning action shot of a wood-fired pizza being baked!
Your assignment: sharpen your photography skills and set up some great poses to help your pic get in the running for next month's issue. Make sure to consider proper lighting and unique dishes to make your cooks really stand out. To share your cooks, please visit the "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC) - Volume 15, Fall/Winter 2019-2020" topic.
Catch Up On The PitCasts
Don't forget to learn a little about your fellow Pit members and others in the BBQ biz by listening to Greg Rempe's recent weekly interviews on his members only PitCasts, posted each week on Thursday in The "PitCast" with Greg Rempe channel.
Call in now through Wednesday afternoon, November 27th and leave a recording saying what you're thankful for, and Greg will play them all on this Thursday's PitCast! Don't worry, he'll edit out any mistakes. Click here for the full details.
DON'T MISS THE CHANCE to be a guest on Greg's next PitCast!

You don't have to be a pro pitmaster or chef, you don't even have to know much about cooking or BBQ, you just have to answer his questions and tell us a little about yourself. He does most of the work and makes it very enjoyable. Click here to let Greg know you're interested.
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