October 25, 2019
Yep, summer's gone for many of us and the leaves have turned and are falling quickly. C'mon in and get warmed up from all things "HOT From The Pit!"
October's "Great Giveaway" Winner!
The Great Giveaway Sweepstakes winner for October 2019 is 2nd-year member "NaptownGrilla", better known as Mark Holdridge.

"Thank you for all the well wishes folks... I’m thankful and honored to accept this prize," Mark said.

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Forbes.com called it
"The Barbecue Lover's Ultimate Road Trip"
Mark your calendars for July 31, 2020 - August 3, 2020 for our "Meat-Up in Memphis". Click here to read what Forbes.com said about it . Space is limited to 400 people so reserve your seat now.

To join in the discussion, plan a ride-share, find a room mate, etc, click here.

For conference details and to reserve, click here.
  • Check-in Friday July 31, 2020 at the Peabody Hotel at greatly reduced room rates
  • Pork focused seminars from pros
  • Meet our team, Q&A with Meathead and the moderators
  • Bus tours of local BBQ joints, with samples from each
  • Optional evening cocktails and fellowship with your "Pit" friends
  • More!
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While you're there check out the website. They have a BBQ Events calendar and some other fun stuff.
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Devastation In Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas
In February 2017 we had our first Meat-Up on Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas. In early September 2019, Hurricane Dorian devastated much of the Bahamas when it struck as a Category 5 hurricane and hovered. Many died, many many more were missing. Survivors were changed forever. Green Turtle was badly hurt. Below is the historic village of New Plymouth where we dined and drank.
Brad Barret, whom you know as Pitmaster Club member GrillGrate Brad and owner of GrillGrate, lost his home. Green Turtle Club, our HQ for the Meat-Up suffered extensive damage as well, losing 18 of its 23 rooms, as Brad tells us. Read the full story here. Links to donate inside if you choose.
Show Us What You're Cooking!
Take a look below to see what our members have cooked up so far from the "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC) - Volume 15, Fall/Winter 2019-2020" topic!
"Blasphemy Ribs" , by mgaretz. Be sure to catch his PitCast interview !
Pulled Pork Egg Rolls, by 58limited
Chicken Spiedini Cordon Bleu , by treesmacker
A great cook from rgriffeath! This Entrecote a la Bordelaise, polenta, sofrito, and asparagus was prepared on his SnS. Great work!
Polarbear777 had the PK360 going this month for some killer rack of lamb chops. Check out that great action shot! Doing what the PK does best!
Next up we have the "Queen of the PBC", fzxdoc. This time she is rocking her GrillGrate combo on her gasser, and grilling up a steak fit for a queen!
Our friend Richard Chrz fired up some brisket for some killer chili. I could get on board with that!
Let's head down to 'SoCal' for some glorious pork ribs from our very own HouseHomey! Check out the color on those ribs!
treesmacker had the cure going this month. Check out his lovely "Close To Katz's" pastrami. This was smoked and finished on his REC TEC RT-340 pellet cooker.
Attjack was putting the EVO griddle to work this month. Check out this Yakisoba with mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, cabbage, bean sprouts, and scallions.That looks fantastic!
Let's head out west to discover some of the best bacon on that side of the divide! What a shot JoeSousa! These bellies were smoked up on his Weber Ranch Kettle.
After taking a whole year off from smoking brisket, Steve R. jumped back in to the smoking ring. We are glad he did, check out this brisket he smoked up on his Weber 22" kettle.
JTPellets served up some ribs from his Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM). What a great color profile on the ribs. Nicely done!
Now for another trip down to Pilar, Buenos Aires for some real lice fire cooking! Check out this aside cook from Ahumadora. Boneless ribeye, vacio, and bone marrow. Beefy heaven!
While it might not be the fish of his name sake, Troutman stuffed up a flounder with oyster to cook on his pellet smoker. What a cook down in Texas!
Let's round out this month with a couple of pictures from Henrik's latest recipe. He continues to push the envelope and we all have to suffer through not being able to eat it on the spot! Check out these lamb chops with a basil dip! Well done, Henrik!
Your assignment: sharpen your photography skills and set up some great poses to help your pic get in the running for next month's issue. Make sure to consider proper lighting and unique dishes to make your cooks really stand out. To share your cooks, please visit the "Show Us What You're Cooking (SUWYC) - Volume 15, Fall/Winter 2019-2020" topic.
Catch Up On The PitCasts
Don't forget to learn a little about your fellow Pit members and others in the BBQ biz by listening to Greg Rempe's recent weekly interviews on his members only PitCasts, posted each week on Thursday in The "PitCast" with Greg Rempe channel.

You don't have to be a pro pitmaster or chef, you don't even have to know much about cooking or BBQ, you just have to answer his questions and tell us a little about yourself. He does most of the work and makes it very enjoyable. Click here to let Greg know you're interested.
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