A Note from the President
& General Manager

We celebrated the 40th anniversary of Hunton in 2021, and what a year it was for us! Hunton Services has stood firmly against the headwinds that last year brought. I could not be prouder of this team and their efforts over the past several months.

The Hunton Group has been awarded Houston Chronicle's Top Workplaces 9 times. In 2021, we were honored to be recognized as a National Top Workplace, and we just learned that we were also recognized for 2022! While we are immensely proud of these achievements, we have no intention of allowing ourselves to become complacent. Our employees take great pleasure in what we do and enjoy working with you!

I want to assure you- our customer- that we are here and remain ready to serve as your trusted partner in supporting you and your business. No matter the project size or scope, we will provide a solution that fits your needs. At Hunton, our mission is to pursue a sustainable future for businesses in our community and build enduring relationships that positively impact the world indoors. As a result, we are constantly looking for avenues of improvement that will bring more and more value to our customers and their facilities.

I hope you enjoy this quarterly newsletter. We will be highlighting 10 Tips for Easy Cooling Tower Maintenance and spotlighting a project that we are proud to be a part of. We also wanted to share the event put on last fall, the 1st Annual Victor Hernandez Memorial Turkey Fry Contest. We were privileged to have Victor's family join us to celebrate Thanksgiving. As always, thank you so much for your support. As an organization, we are excited to welcome the rest of 2022 and continue providing superior service solutions to you - our most valued partner.

Kind Regards,

President & General Manager // Hunton Services
1st Annual Victor Hernandez Memorial Turkey Fry Contest //
Hunton Services celebrated Thanksgiving this year with our 1st Annual Victor Hernandez Memorial Turkey Fry Contest on Friday, November 19th. Hunton Services had a friendly competition of 5 teams made up of Hunton Service Employees. We're honored to have Victor's family to join us for this special and meaningful thanksgiving season!
10 Tips for Easy Cooling Tower Maintenance //
Follow these 10 simple maintenance tips to get the most out of your cooling equipment.

  1. Check the overall condition of the unit and listen for any uncommon noises to establish a baseline of any potential issues
  2. Before beginning any work be sure to follow proper lock out procedures and disconnect motor switches to ensure your safety
  3. Inspect and clean debris from strainers to keep the system free of excess materials
  4. Inspect the water distribution system and check for dry areas over the fill coil section to avoid scale build up and increase system capacity. If the surface is not fully wetted check the nozzle for cracks and clogs
  5. Flush dirt and debris from the cold-water basin through the tower drain or sump strainer to maintain water filtration and keep dirt from collecting.
  6. Installing basin sweeper piping in addition to a filtration system will function as automatic maintenance
  7. Check the make-up water supply for the appropriate pre-determined water level to conserve water and reduce air
  8. Fix any tension problems on the belt to ensure optimal belt drive system performance
  9. Check oil level, oil quality, and shaft alignment for a gear drive system following the manufacturers’ recommendations
  10. Lubricate fan shaft bearings every 3 months at a minimum to maintain proper orientation. Installing BAC’s unique automatic bearing greasers is easy and can eliminate monthly bearing maintenance

Maintenance frequency varies depending on the condition of the circulating water and the environment in which the unit operates. Good maintenance habits will prevent equipment failure and extend equipment life. Storing critical parts in the inventory will also help reduce downtime in the event of an emergency. Save time, money, and energy with these 10 easy tips and get the most out of your cooling equipment.
Chiller Replacement
Hunton Services was contracted to replace the older chillers, upgrade the auxiliary equipment by installing VFDs on chilled water and condenser water pumps, install new central plant control system, and optimize the system to improve energy efficiency. The chiller plant at 3040 Post Oak Blvd contained two 1981 Trane chillers that were at end of life. The central plant control system was outdated and the energy use for the central plant was high.

Trends were collected and a baseline energy efficiency and energy consumption for the central plant was established. Over the first full year of operation following the completion of the project, the baseline energy consumption (kWh) was determined to be 2,562,000 kWh with an electric efficiency of 1.15 KW/Ton. Because of the equipment upgrades and operational improvements achieved during the project, the first full year energy consumption decreased to 1,298,000 kWh with an average annual efficiency of 0.58 KW/Ton. The central plant performance improvement over first full year was 49.6% resulting in 1,264,000 kWh avoided compared to the baseline energy consumption.
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