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A Fire in Our Hearts

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." (John 13:34)

For a considerable time, Living Stones has embraced the tagline "From the dinner table to the Communion table." Transparently rooted in Christian principles, our organization strives to facilitate transformative experiences for our neighbors through our services, programs, and interactions. While we're not a church and aren't asking our neighbors to commit their life to God, our aspiration is for our neighbors to encounter the essence of Jesus and comprehend the depth of God's love through our compassionate actions and words.

We hope for our dinner table to one day include our neighbors in the community of God, sharing in His Communion table. However, in the meantime, we aim to model our dinner table after God's: a place of equality, openness to all, and abundant love. This principle, I believe, should resonate with believers and unbelievers alike. The concept of treating everyone with kindness and love, regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds, is indeed something that transcends religious boundaries. It's a fundamental aspect of fostering understanding, empathy, and harmony within communities. Our commitment is to consistently extend kindness and love to everyone, treating all with equal care and respect. Just as God's love knows no bounds, neither should ours, reflecting His grace in our interactions with one another.

As Easter drew near, our activities naturally centered around crafts reflecting the Easter message, while our dinners buzzed with discussions about Jesus and God's love. This year marked a new initiative as we extended an invitation to our neighbors to join us for communion and an Easter service. On Easter Sunday, Living Stones had the opportunity to serve at Fairhaven United Methodist Church, and we were able to collaborate to host a service for our neighbors before our meal. For the first time, “From the dinner table to the Communion table” transcended being just a tagline; it became a tangible opportunity.

Neighbors were informed that the doors would open at 3:15 for the Easter service organized by Fairhaven United Methodist Church. Starting around 2:30, neighbors started to gather in line. Despite the typically modest turnout on holidays, it was touching to witness a growing number of individuals assembling to join us in worship. As the service began, there was something powerful happening in that sanctuary, both seen and unseen. We weren't divided into roles of servers and recipients; rather, all were seated as equals in worship of God. Volunteers from Living Stones and neighbors joined together in Holy Communion. Truly, God's love pervaded the room, drawing everyone together to rejoice and partake in its warmth. As the final strains of our hymn filled the space with the words "Then bursting forth in glorious Day," a sudden, deafening noise shattered the tranquility: the fire alarm.

The building underwent a temporary evacuation until the fire department confirmed it safe for our return, leaving a subtle sense of disappointment as the service was abruptly interrupted. Lightening the mood, I quipped that it wasn't the sausages but rather the Holy Spirit setting the place ablaze, prompting a hearty "Amen!" from one of our neighbors. While initially a joke, it was undeniable that the presence of the Holy Spirit permeated the atmosphere. Volunteers sacrificed time and the chance to dine with their families to serve our neighbors and worship alongside them. Among the crowd, new faces filled our dining hall, joining in Easter with us. Together, we united in celebration of the risen Jesus. Despite the unexpected interruption of the fire alarms and subsequent evacuation, the day became truly unforgettable. Above all, the chance to embody our tagline and bring it to life was profoundly impactful.

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Living Stones fosters the cultivation of relationships with neighbors who join us for meals. As relationships develop and deepen, Living Stones volunteers come alongside those individuals and families to assist them in navigating the challenges in their lives and encourage them to find hope in Christ as they learn to trust Him.

"Won't you be my neighbor?"

Fred Rogers