Lilith is originally from Ireland. But has traveled and lived all over the world. From a very young age she has used art and other creative means to help her deal with a childhood filled with severe physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

She began painting and selling rocks to relatives and neighbors, as well as drawing sea life with accompanying activist-themed haiku. This was replaced with writing and music as she got older, and morphed into floral arranging and jewelry design as a hobby during most of her early adult years. She has been a holistic and meditation teacher and practitioner for over 30 years and uses creative means and mediation instead of doctors and drugs. She uses the "Create and Release" method she developed to rid herself of negative thoughts and childhood flashbacks.

Her love for painting has never been far from Lilith's mind though, and she once again picked up a paint brush. Colour is Lilith's muse and her paintings are greatly influenced by her world travels - specifically to Asia. She is influenced by the Buddhist and Taoist minimalist theory as well as impressionistic techniques.