September 2022
We're entering the height of Hurricane Season. Now's the time to check the expiration dates of hurricane supplies in your pantry and stock up before a storm is predicted for our area.
From the top

September is National Preparedness Month, an observance to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time. We can be thankful that Saharan dust plumes continued to move off the coast of Africa through July and August. This interfered with severe storm development. If we do NOT have a newly named storm by September 3, we will set a new record for longest mid-season gap between systems. Please don’t let this cause complacency; for the safety of our families, we need to stay prepared.
In early August, LWR CERT completed an exercise of our readiness. It was amazing to hear the dozens of radio messages relayed to our position at EMFR Fire Station #6. Thank you to EMFR for their support and to our many members who volunteered their time to strengthen their skills. More details on the exercise are below.

Jim Emanuelson (KN4VMK)
President, LWR CERT
When Bad Things Happen to Good People:
Emergency First Aid You Need to Know

Free public education session

Saturday, October 8
9 - 10:30 AM
LWR Town Hall
What starts out as a typical day in Lakewood Ranch can quickly turn to tragedy – due to an accident or medical emergency. Knowing how to react in those first few minutes is critical. This free 90-minute session focuses on Emergency First Aid for the general public.

No medical experience needed. Learn what YOU can do before first responders arrive.
2022 Hurricane Simulation Recap
During the first week of August, 70 LWR CERT members participated in a simulated hurricane exercise. This annual training exercise was designed to evaluate our existing policies and procedures and to provide refresher training for our members. A huge thank you to all who participated.

Challenge Packets were distributed to available Team Captains prior to exercise start. The exercise began on Tuesday Aug. 2, with an email message to all members simulating the setting of Readiness Condition Four. Three Readiness Condition Change emails and a text message were sent to all members during the week.
The simulated activation began at 9 AM Saturday, Aug 6 with 16 teams and 6 Hub operators participating. Teams that activated were assigned four scenarios. For each scenario, they were tasked with evaluating the situation and recording how they would respond in an actual situation. The LWR CERT Emergency Radio Communications Network (ERCN) was exercised by having all Group Leaders make radio calls required by their scenarios, which were relayed by the radio hubs to EMFR Fire Station #6.. 
Under the direction of Operations Manager Dave Cashbaugh, feedback from the exercise is being collated and analyzed. Resulting changes to activation policies and procedures as well as additional training opportunities are expected to be announced soon.

Thanks to Team 35 GL Brenda Nusbaum for the exercise photos.

Aug. 27 Public Event Recap
More than 90 residents attended the Hurricane Prep for LWR Residents event held the morning of Saturday, Aug. 27 at Lakewood Ranch Town Hall.

LWR CERT's Pat Knowles shared his vast hurricane knowledge including why Saharan dust and La Nina are influencing this year's hurricanes, how to strengthen your home (consider adding hurricane-resistant windows and garage door hurricane braces), when to evacuate (at least 5 days before the storm), and supplies to have on hand before a storm arrives (at least 7 days of food, water and medicine for all people and pets). Visit for more hurricane prep information.

Mike Defferding, LWR CERT's Neighborhood Engagement Manager, shared the importance of neighbors helping neighbors and encouraged residents to consider joining a LWR CERT team in their neighborhood. Visit for details.
Thank you to all the LWR CERT volunteers including our presenters Jim Emanuelson, Pat Knowles and Mike Defferding; Pam Biladeau and Maureen Corristan (registration); Dave Cashbaugh (photographer); Mel Davis, Jean Hritz and Brenda Nusbaum (Hurricane Prep); Sharon Defferding, Hilary Harter, Jan Kuhn and Cynthia Olcott (Neighborhood Engagement); Karen Emanuelson (event organizer); Alan Blair, Frank Giannone, Tony Gula, Sebastian Ilka and Tim Sherer (Radio Communications), Nigel Pilling (technology); and an extra thanks to Bruce Bedford and his family for their generous donation of the football-themed door prize.
Hurricane Prep for LWR Residents was a 2022 Active Responder qualifying event
October Course Scheduled;
Help Grow Your Team
Lakewood Ranch is always seeking new CERT members. LWR CERT, which covers the CDD area of LWR known as Phase 1, offers Basic Training for everyone in the LWR area.

The next LWR CERT Basic Training course at Town Hall begins Oct. 13. Registration and details at This will be the last LWR CERT Basic Training offered this year. The Training Committee is working on the 2023 Basic Training schedule.
Radio Communications
Why can’t I always reach my team by radio?
By Bud Goetzinger (KG4BUD)
Radio Communications Committee Manager
As manager of the RCC, I have been asked the above question several times. Operating the radio seems simple – you install the batteries, turn it on, set the channel and privacy code and you are ready to talk! So, why can’t you always hear your team or Group Leader?

There are several types of radio service approved by the FCC, and the rules vary for each.
  • Family Radio Service (FRS) – These are the handheld radios that are issued to all LWR CERT team members. They are limited to 2 watts output. They have fixed antennas and defined channels. A privacy code reduces unwanted interference (radios must be set to the same channel and frequency to be able to communicate). Practical range is ½ to 1 mile. No license is required.
  • General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) – With GMRS comes more output power – 5 watts for handheld units. GMRS has more channels than FRS and can communicate with FRS radios but must do so at reduced power. At 5 watts GMRS range is 2-5 miles. A license is required, but no exam. The license fee is $35 and is valid for 10 years. It covers all family members. GMRS radios can be bought for as little as $40
  • Amateur Radio (HAM) – Ham radio has been around for more than 100 years. Handheld units are 5-8 watts, and antennas can be changed out to increase range to 5-10 miles or more. BUT, they cannot communicate with FRS or GMRS radios. LWR CERT Hub operators use mobile radios that output 50 watts and can reach 25 – 50 miles. Each hub is a Ham operator who must pass an examination before receiving a license. Our Hubs use HAM to contact Emergency Services.
  • Commercial Bands – The Group Leader radios use a commercial frequency to communicate with the Hubs. The frequencies are licensed to LWR CERT so members using them do not need a license. These radios are 5 watt and have a 2-5 mile range.
As you can see, each radio has advantages and disadvantages. Price, range and licensing are considerations LWR CERT uses to decide what service to use for each role and we end up using 3 different types:
  • Team members – FRS 2 watt
  • Group Leader – Commercial Band 5 watt
  • Hub Operator – HAM 50 watt
What do I do if I cannot reach my Group Leader?
Radio reception is dependent on many factors -- atmospheric conditions, buildings and vegetation to name a few. Here are a few things to try to improve your radio success:
  1. Don’t transmit from inside a building. Glass, concrete and metal framing severely obstruct radio waves. 
  2. Try changing positions. Radio waves are “line of sight” so a small move may improve signal. Remember to hold your radio so the antenna points straight up into the air.
  3. Contact other team members and ask them to relay your message.

If a Team Leader cannot reach their hub, they will:
  1. Attempt to contact the Central Hub on channel 9
  2. Attempt to contact any hub on channels 2 - 7

I hope this answers questions you may have about our radios. If you have more questions, let a member of our radio committee know or email Bud.
Hub Changes

Tony Gula (KO4ZWX) has agreed to serve as Hub 3. Tony received his Technician class license in April and is a member of Team 17 in Greenbrook. Hub 3 serves teams 31-36 during activations.

Tony is replacing Bud Goetzinger as Hub 3. Bud will continue serving as Manager of the Radio Communications Committee.
Alan Blair (KQ4BOJ) as agreed to serve as Hub 5. Alan received his Technician class license in June and is a member of Team 8 in Summerfield. Hub 5 serves teams 1-6, 8, 23 and 24 during activations.

Thank you to retiring Hub 5 operator Nick Frederick. We appreciate your years of service to the organization.

Congratulations to our newest
2022 Active Responders
Tier 1
Pablo Acevedo
Rinita Acevedo
Mary Balazic
Lenoire Bredt
Annette Buhr
Bill Corristan
Don Diven
David Forgash
Polly Greene
Stephen Greene
Diana Hines
Paul Jackowski
Tier 1
Karen Lilly
Sam Mallis
Robert Markow
Irene Jimenez
Janice Scott
Terry Scott
Sue Joy-Sobota
Robert Thompson
Stephen Voutsas
Valerie Voutsas
Yue Wu
Tier 2
Jim Curran
Sharon Defferding
Mark Marcus
Mike Modisett
Mike Restarits
Michael Rogers
Gerard Toner 


LWR CERT members Mike Modisett, Hilary Harter, Frank Giannone and Brenda Nusbaum completed a three-day, 23-hour CERT Train-The-Trainer course. In addition to demonstrating their ability to present the CERT Basic Training course, they also learned effective teaching techniques including setting the environment, maximizing learning retention, conveying information and assessing student progress.

They join previous LWR CERT Train The Trainer graduates Jim Emanuelson, Karen Emanuelson, Bud Goetzinger, Pat Knowles and Nigel Pilling.
Did you know... can have your Manatee County questions answered from 8 AM - 5 PM weekdays just by calling 311?
...there is a Manatee 311 app available for both Android and iPhone? This is the official app for Manatee County Government information and services. Use the app to:
  • Report non-emergency issues like potholes, broken street lights, graffiti, abandoned vehicles and more. You can even add photos and your GPS location to your request.
  • Pay your utility bill online.
  • Sign up for reminders for your trash and recycling days.

Of course, in case of emergency, please dial 911.
Member News and Things to Know
Happy September birthday to members Samuel Acquaviva, Pam Biladeau, Lenoire Bredt, Marty Burton, Barb Clemons, Bruce Costella, Marvin Crepea, Barb Davey, Connie Farmer, Barbara Hickey, Karen Lemley, Vijay Mahadeo, Todd Martin, Nigel Pilling, Michael Rogers, Susan Strahs, and Sheila White

Hydration Backpacks - At their August Board meeting, the Board voted to discontinue issuing individual hydration backpacks after the current inventory is depleted and instead offer each team a bathtub bladder to provide clean drinking water during activations.

Neighborhood Newsletter - Does your neighborhood have a newsletter? Want more neighbors on your team? LWR CERT sends special preview information to Neighborhood Newsletter editors each month, which they can include in their publications. Send your editor's name and email address to to have them added to our special distribution list.
Upcoming LWR CERT Meetings and Training
Meetings take place at LWR Town Hall unless otherwise noted and are open to LWR CERT members

Executive Board Meeting - Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 11:30 AM - Location TBD
Communications Committee Meeting - Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 4 PM
Board Meeting - Monday, Sept. 12 at 7 PM
Training Committee - Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 4 PM - Virtual option available
Radio Communications Committee - Thursday, Sept. 22 at 7 PM
FREE PUBLIC EVENT: When Bad Things Happen to Good People: Emergency First Aid You Need to Know - Saturday, Oct. 8 at 9 AM Advance Registration Requested
Basic Training - October 13 - 29 Advance Registration Required
LWR CERT 2022 Executive Committee

President - Jim Emanuelson
Vice President - Dave Cashbaugh
Treasurer - Pat Knowles
Team Captain Coordinator - Jan Kuhn
Liaison - Nigel Pilling

LWR CERT 941.404.8606
Newsletter Editor - Karen Emanuelson, Communications Manager

Proofreader - Diane Anderson

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