December 14, 2019
Health News - a year in review...
Ronald Hoffman, MD

Ron Hoffman's Top Ten Worst Health Stories of 2019
  1. EAT Lancet
  2. Take more statins
  3. Fish oil supplements are no good
  4. Supplements worthless
  5. Dangerous complementary cancer treatments
  6. Dietary supplement regulation
  7. Vitamin D backlash
  8. The war against KETO
  9. Outmoded dietary advice
  10. Good fats/bad fats
WebMD is spying on you; be careful...
Dozens of popular health websites are tracking, storing and sharing your personal data without explicit consent, including WebMD (the leading health website) and Healthline (currently the third most popular health site)
Joseph Mercola, MD
It may not be as popular worldwide as ginger, cinnamon and the other heavyweights of the spice world, but cardamom has earned a special place in diet and wellness for its wonderful benefits. In fact, this spice -- a staple in Indian cuisine -- is often regarded as the "queen of spices" where it's widely used. Here are five astounding benefits of cardamom for easily maintaining your health and well-being
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Christmas at the Colonial - Dec 22 4:30 PM Keene, NH
Christmas at the Colonial
Presented by Elm City Church. 

Free to all!

On Sunday, December 22, Elm City Church will host a special Christmas Service at the historic Colonial Theatre in downtown Keene at 4:30pm.

This FREE event will include festive singing, an Elm City Kids performance, a hope-filled message, and more!

Listen at noon today - call in to talk with me! (603) or (866)-357-1290
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