April, 2015
Issue: 4 

1. Merced wants Health 4 All. 

#Health4All supporters at the BHC Community Circle last week (BHC Merced)
  • #Health4All community dialogue is set to happen on May 8th, 2015 in South Merced. [BHC Calendar] 
  • The community dialogue came to fruition due to growing support and demand from residents and community activist in Merced County. 
  • Leading the charge is The Prevention Action Team - a collaboration of different agencies and organizations working together to advocate for a statewide expansion of health coverage and support for Senate Bill 4 (Health 4 All Bill).
Spanish Flyer
English Flyer
  • Last week at the BHC Community Circle over half the residents that attended believed that health care for all is a necessity regardless of status.  
  • Its growing popularity in Merced as well as neighboring cities (Planada, Livingston, Winton) has community residents and activists rallying to County and state officials to support SB 4 (The Health 4 All Bill). 


  • "Healthcare providers, students and supporters marched to the state Capitol supporting Senate Bill 4, dubbed the Health For All Act." 
  • .."We struggle with the fear of trying not to get sick, trying not to see a doctor, trying not to go to the hospital..." [Sac Bee / Media]

2. BHC Community Circle A Success 

South Merced resident gets her face painted at last week's community circle (BHC Merced)
  • With the help of amazing partners and resident-community leaders, we hosted our 2nd quarterly Building Healthy Communities Community Circle in South Merced Last week at Tenaya Middle School. 
  • Over 200 residents in South Merced came out to participant in the event.
  • Set as an opportunity to bridge connections between the work of BHC and our partners, the event provided a means to connect people to providers/programs.
  • BHC partners such as Golden Valley Health Centers, Parent Institute for Quality Education, Merced Organizing Project, CRLA, CCROPP, and Merced Odd Jobs Organization (DOS) are just a few to name that were present and played an intricate role in the event's success. 

3. Misc. & Events 

  • Over-policed and Underserved..."Today, activists and policy makers alike are calling for an end to oppressive and racist policing..."
  • Stay connected with upcoming events; visit our BHC Community Calendar. [BHC Calendar]

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