The SOLOWORKS FESTIVAL closes with one of our favorite performers - Dancer, Writer, Actor, Heather Harpham who was last seen at the Millibo in her dazzling solo play "Happiness" returns with "Burning".
Heather Harpham
Funny!   Intelligent!  Moving!

A highly kinetic, semi-comic romp through the absurd landscapes of climate change where comedy, tragedy, activism and cautious optimism collide. Using movement, song, monologue, and otherworldly images - the piece pings between Hurricane Sandy, our obsession with apocalyptic movies, NPR's narcoleptic effect, and the million trivial tasks that preoccupy us while Rome burns. Written and performed by Heather Harpham.  

Trailer for Heather Harpham in "Burning"
This show is sponsored in part by CATAMOUNT INSTITUE, a non-profit organization based in Colorado Springs, CO, whose mission is to develop ecological stewards through education and adventure.
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Heather Harpham
Four Performances Only
Saturday, November 21st 1-3PM
A Workshop for the Improviser in All of Us
Action Theater Improvisation Workshop: This two hour workshop will combine the kinesthetic excitement  of dance with the emotive and communicative nature of acting. Action Theater Improvisation creates opportunities for bringing our most playful, spontaneously intelligent and even fierce sides alive on stage, or in the studio. This workshop offers participants a glimpse into the mindful practice of improvisation as they've never known it -  including a vivid articulation of the body, emotional versatility,  and ready access to imaginative impulses. As a group, we'll play together, and as individuals we'll gain greater access to our imaginations and a wider expressive range. All levels of theatrical experience welcome!

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Join the Millibo Gang as we bike on over to the Old Town Bike Shop for a special GIVE! party with four of our favorite local non-profits. Great door prizes, free beer and munchies, entertainment and the chance to support great work with your donation!  
See You Dec. 3rd

Mr. Guffaw
Mr. Guffaw's Christmas Adventure
Santa Clause is coming to town and he is wearing a big red nose. Join Jim Jackson, Sallie Walker, Kayla Kuemmerle and Lisbet Jackson in this joyous romp that turns all the Holiday Traditions upside down.


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