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PRO-NOX (Laughing Gas)
Skincenter is excited to offer PRO-NOX to our patients. PRO-NOX is a patient controlled inhaled angelsia comprised of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. It helps reduce pain and anxiety associated with any in office procedure. The device is patient controlled so you can control how much and when you need more. The gas is fast acting and has a short duration leaving the body within minutes meaning patients can still drive to and from the office.
Click video to watch Kelly Ripa use Pro-Nox during Ultherapy.
Hot Topic
Women have tried multiple products to make their blowouts last longer. Now with a few simple injections your blowout can last days longer. Botox injected into the scalp blocks the sweat glands so women can work out and keep their blowouts. This quick in office procedure allows busy active woman to keep their hair fresh and styled. The treatment can reduce scalp sweat by up to 80% and lasts on average between 4-6 months.
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Valid through Sep 30, 2019
Fun in the Sun
Physical Sunscreen vs. Chemical Sunscreen
Living in South Florida it is important that we apply sunscreen every day. Sunscreen should be applied generously to all exposed skin. There are two main categories of sunscreens, physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. Physical sunscreens contain the mineral ingredients zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. Physical sunscreens sit on top of the skin creating a barrier to deflect the sun’s harmful rays. Chemical sunscreens penetrate the skin and absorb the harmful UV rays to prevent them from causing damage. A Sun Protective Factor (SPF) of 30 that provides broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays is recommended. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapply every two hours, and/or after swimming or sweating.

Drawing created by Dr. Fien's 9 year old son, Sam.
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July 4, 2019: Your South Florida holiday event roundup

July Fourth is on Thursday this year, and there are many celebrations planned around the holiday. Here's a look at some of the events across Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Events are on July 4 unless otherwise noted. Most fireworks...

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Ask Dr. G
Booking a Flight (Part 2)
Last month I discussed how I purchase airline tickets and how I select my seats. That newsletter generated a lot of questions, the 2 most common were:
1) "What if I want to cancel my flight after I paid for my ticket?"
If you want cancel your flight within 24 hours of making a reservation the United States Department of Transportation requires airlines operating flights within or to the United States to refund your payment. This only applies if you made your reservation more than seven days in advance of your departure directly with the airline. That’s the good news.
If you want to cancel or change your flight after the 24 hour “grace period” you will be subject to the rules and fees of the ticket you purchased, which may differ from carrier to carrier. It’s all in the fine print.
2) "What if the price goes down after I have purchased my ticket, can I get a refund?"
The short answer is “maybe” and will also be subject to the rules and fees of the ticket purchased, which may differ from carrier to carrier.
Additionally, checking prices manually can be time consuming and frustrating, but don’t worry, “there is an app for that”. I use a website to track my trips called Yapta.
After purchasing my ticket I enter my flight details on Yapta ( ).  It is easy to set up an account following the prompts on the home page and then you just need to enter your flight details. Yapta will alert you, through text and email, if the price of your flight drops below what you have paid, including any airline change fees. 
Until next time,
Dr G
Community Corner
We want to thank all of the patients who sent in the name of their favorite charity. There were so many responses but we had to narrow it down to a few for the final vote.
Vote for the charity you want SkinCenter to support this year:
The Boys and Girls Club of Broward County
Women in Distress
The American Cancer Sociaty
Feed the Homeless
The Beauty Initiative Inc.
Equine Assisted Therapies of South Florida
Global Village Champions Foundation Inc.
Remember if the charity that you submitted last month is the winner you will receive a $100 SkinCenter credit to be used on products, cosmetic procedures, aesthetician services and/or massage therapy.
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