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Bloom: The Process of Becoming. Find out how with LifeBound Coaching


Help students cultivate a vision of what’s possible for their future by harnessing their talents to thrive in college/career as leaders and change-makers.


Integrate analytics, pedagogy and technology that put students in the driver’s seat of life-long learning and the social literacy to succeed in life, career and society. 


Ensure graduates develop professional skills needed to contribute their abilities to reach financial success, personal fulfillment and civic leadership.

Coaching strategies support students to build, maintain and drive determination to obtain a college degree, launching to promotion pathway employment after graduation. Coaching can help your students and your staff finish this hard year as strong as possible.

LifeBound Inclusive Coaching makes it happen. Read the Q&A below by Sarah Kravits, LifeBound's Master Certified Coach who is a coach everyday improving the lives of her faculty and students at Rutgers University .

How can a coaching conversation help a student who is feeling behind prepare for finals?


Students often approach finals week feeling unprepared, hurrying to finish papers and projects, and sensing that they should have started studying earlier or studied more consistently. At any moment, students can make choices that can benefit them -- but this is only possible if they are able to stand where they are and see it for what it is. With coaching questions, we can facilitate this. Ask non-judgmental fact-finding questions about each course the student is finishing, such as: What does your final exam or assignment require of you? What have you done so far? Whom have you asked to help you? How do you feel about your level of preparation/amount of work right now?


Once students see the situation clearly, we can move to questions that drive thinking about plans. What do you need to accomplish for this paper, and by when? How might you break down the steps and place them in time? What do you need to do to feel prepared for this exam? Who can help you study or fill in your knowledge gaps? How can you set yourself up for success on test day? How can your professor support you, and how might you contact them? 


Students who feel behind and unprepared can backslide into wanting to give up. With a coaching conversation, we can help them make the most of a challenging situation, and maybe even spur them to plan more effective preparation as finals time comes around again next semester. 



Coaching strategies support students to build, maintain and drive determination to obtain a college degree, launching to promotion pathway employment after graduation.


Join us

for our 3-day, virtual Introduction to Inclusive Coaching

May 7, 14, & 21 (Fridays)

June 11, 18 & 25 (Fridays)

July 12, 19, & 26 (Mondays)

July 15, 22 & 29 (Thursdays)

August 9, 11 & 13 (MWF)

This virtual event will condense five days of coaching training into three days of a flipped-classroom learning model, where you will have time outside of the class to further the learning we experience in the Zoom format.



This one-day, targeted edition of LifeBound coaching training will give you coaching tools to use in your work with students as they are right now.

Students are striving to cope with the pandemic and the crisis of entrenched racism while transitioning to partially- or fully-online college coursework. Coaching strategies can support students’ functioning and accountability as they face financial, social, emotional, and academic issues in this time. 

Friday, April 30th


Saturday, June 5th

Cost $497

*only a few spaces remain


Would you like to become a LifeBound Certified Coach?

Cohort is set for an early spring start and is accepting applications now. We will have fifteen in the 2021 class. If you would like to apply, please click here.

Powering Purpose: Invest now in community colleges to fuel economic opportunity.

Even as community colleges across the nation have experienced historic enrollment declines due to the pandemic, the percentage of working-age adults stating their intent to enroll within the next two years remains strong. Community colleges can address enrollment drops by implementing proven student success interventions designed to support access, completion, and better career outcomes. Investing in community colleges to more equitably and seamlessly meet the needs of working-age learners will provide a path to economic mobility for millions of Americans.

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High-Impact Summer Bridge Strategies

In this webinar, hosted by our partners at The NROC project, we explore the power of compact summer FYE courses, bolstered by personalized review in math and English, to improve student retention and success. Inclusive Coaching can knit together this work for advisors and faculty in ways that build strong bridges to incoming freshmen. These supports will encourage learners beginning college in 2021 to embrace self-advocacy, collaboration, respect for differences, and curiosity, all of which inform academic, work, and life choices.



Carol Carter

CEO of LifeBound

Founder, Global MindED

Author, Keys to Success

Keys to Success ebook is the perfect solution for your Summer Bridge Courses

Cost is only $30.00

Keys to College Success sets the standard for connecting academic success to success beyond school, showing students how to apply strategies within college, career, and life. Offers Keys tried-and-true emphasis on thinking skills and problem-solving, re-imagined with two goals in mind: One, a risk and reward framework that reflects the demands today's students face, and two, a focus on student experience with a more extensive research base and increased metacognition.

Email Michelle Bradin to request a review copy

Summer Bridge Success Brought to you by LifeBound and The Keys to Success Series

Student-success curriculum read by over 3 million students.

Keys to College Success eBook, includes embedded assessments.

See samples of data from recent student participants by clicking the link below.


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