Waterproof Bundle Tags
Need custom printed tags that can withstand the elements?
This product is an option for use in brick, lumber, stone or any other industries that needs to withstand the elements.

These products can perform in damp or up to full water immersion. The ink systems we use, not only provides waterproof ability for flexo and digital printing, but also provide smudge and scratch resistance.

This product is available in different sizes and colors with write-on options, barcodes and other variable data, as well as print-in-house thermal transfer options.
Pallet Tags
Custom Write-Ons
Warning & Safety
Why a MidSouth Tagger?

If you are considering automatically tagging for the first time or if you are interested in moving from another tagger to ours, here are a few reasons you should consider:

  • Rapid : Provides high speed and efficient tagging.

  • Parts : low cost, readily available. Order by noon (central time) and your order ships same day!

  • Reliable : Built using quality, metal parts.

  • Value Priced : Hundreds of dollars below our competitors.

  • Easy To Maintain : Our maintenance program is easy to follow and supported by online video and our full customer service staff.

  • Simple To Operate : Balanced weight for ease of use and less operator fatigue.

  • Support : Dedicated staff ready to answer any questions before, during or after the sale.

  • Our Demo Program : This is a great way to get a MidSouth Tagger in your hands to try out at no cost or obligation. Call us today for details at 800.331.6417, Email Us or read more HERE.

You bet!!! There are so many ways to connect with us!

If you are just starting to think about automatic application options or you are a long-time tagger customer of ours, we are always available to connect with you!

  • Call US! : We have dedicated support staff available everyday, during our regular business hours, waiting to answer your questions. 800.331.6417

  • Videos : Check out our maintenance and troubleshooting videos hosted by our Midsouth Tagger experts. They will show you best practices, troubleshooting tips and more. HERE.

  • Downloadable Documents: Always have on-hand, easy to read and understand maintenance and troubleshooting documents found on our website. HERE

  • Online Store : Find the latest schematics, parts and part information. HERE.

To learn more about the MidSouth Tagger or to inquire about our demo program, call us at 800.331.6417 or email to info@midsouthdesign.net.

(and it won't cost you anything!)
Ready to give the MidSouth Tagger a spin? There is no better way than our Demo Program. With no cost or commitment, we will send you one of our taggers to demo for up to two weeks. Here is how it works:

  • Getting Started : Just give us a call or shoot us an email. Our staff will get all the specifics on the size tags you want to shoot and what you are currently using to tag.

  • New To Tagging? : No problem! We will send you some blank tags (FREE! of course) to use during your demo period. If you already are tagging with slotted tags, you are set! The MidSouth Tagger shoots the four common sizes and from most manufacturers.

  • On The Way To You FAST! : We will send you a MidSouth Tagger configured to your specs, usually within 48 hours. It will be set to the tag size you need and will even have tags loaded on the reel, ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box.

  • Happy Tagging! : We encourage customers to really use our tagger during this demo opportunity. Get a true feel of how easy it is to use, the quality of the tagger and the overall production capabilities you will experience. As always, we are just a phone call away if you have questions.

To learn more about the MidSouth Tagger or to inquire about our demo program, call us at 800.331.6417 or email to info@midsouthdesign.net.
The MidSouth Store is now Open!

Haven't tried our online store yet?
What are you waiting for??

  • It's fast and easy : Find any MidSouth Tagger part you need, check stock levels, get part descriptions, necessary companion parts and more. Create an account for even faster access in the future.

  • In-stock parts ship FAST! : Order by noon (central time) on normal business days and your order ships that day.

  • Simple to find what you need : Parts are listed by sections for easy reference, so Drive Block parts are found under that heading. The same goes for Reel Housing, Exhaust Valves and Main Body parts. Search by part number, identify by picture or schematic.

  • Create an Account : It's as simple as creating a User Name and password. Ordering becomes even simpler and you can view past orders and track part order history.

Let Adam walk you through our new online store!
He shares easy ordering tips, shipping options and more!
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