Here's your Motivational Monday Minute to get your week started!
What are you expecting?  When you get up in the morning, what are your first thoughts?  What are you expecting your day to be like?  One that you will accomplish things (no matter what), that it will all work out, that it will be a good day (regardless of what happens).  Or are your thoughts that your day will bring more gloom and doom, that something "bad" will happen, that nothing will change.  If it's the latter, then you feel defeated, deflated, and de-motivated even before the day begins.  

It can be difficult to "wake up positive," especially when things have not been going well, or you're in the midst of struggles and challenges. If you're not inclined to "think positively" (like many of us are), it may be worthwhile to start your day (part of your morning routine) reading inspirational books or watching/listening to motivational videos to "boost" your motivation.  Do this daily this week and see what happens. 
To your good mental health and well-being,

Dr. Linda

Linda T. Inatsuka, Ph.D.,
Licensed Psychologist
(813) 985-6121
8066 N. 56th Street
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