Here's your Motivational Monday Minute to get your week started!
Set Your Plan, Set Your Intention.  Last time, I mentioned the importance of creating a morning routine to set the tone for the day. Part of your morning ritual should include setting your intention(s) or plan for the day. If you don't set your intention(s), you are more likely to face each day "by default." That is, whatever happens happens and you just deal with it. Basically, if you're doing this, your day rules YOU, and you don't rule your day. You're more likely to get distracted or disrupted by people, things, and situations that probably have nothing to do with what you really want or need to do. So every morning (or the night before), set your intention for the day (and week). Start doing this and see what you can achieve in a day, a week, or month.   

To your good mental health and well-being,

Dr. Linda

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Licensed Psychologist
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