Here's your Motivational Monday Minute to get your week started!
Take Action!  "Someday, I'll (fill in the blank with your dream/goal) . . . ."  You've probably said, if not thought, this at one time or another.  I know I have . . . multiple times.  It's not enough to just have dreams or goals.  You need a plan of action, and then you need to TAKE action.  Without action, your dreams and goals are just that---dreams and goals unfulfilled and unattained.  Implement, do something that brings you closer to your dreams or goals every day.  No matter how small.  Remember, small steps (consistently) executed for a period of time become "a lot of ground that you've covered."

What (small) action will you take today, this week?   

To your good mental health and well-being,

Dr. Linda

Linda T. Inatsuka, Ph.D.,
Licensed Psychologist
(813) 985-6121
8066 N. 56th Street
Tampa, FL  33617
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