Here's your Motivational Monday Minute to get your week started!
Focus on the process. "Hold the vision, trust the process."-Author unknown.  When setting out to accomplish goals, don't get caught on the outcome.  Sometimes we get caught up in getting to the "end," which can feel daunting and overwhelming.  This can lead to being "paralyzed" and not taking any action, or worse, quitting before you even start.  To overcome this, focus on the process---the steps you need to take, the tasks to complete, one by one each day.  It's these small movements forward that will get you there.

What actions will you focus on today, this week?   

To your good mental health and well-being,

Dr. Linda

Linda T. Inatsuka, Ph.D.,
Licensed Psychologist
(813) 985-6121
8066 N. 56th Street
Tampa, FL  33617
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