October, 2019

VOICES from OUR New Generation
Domestic Violence on College Campus...
Is it a Problem?
Andrea Byrd
Mississippi Valley State University
English Major
Author of this month's feature article below.
Domestic Violence is something that is still taboo to talk about in today’s social climate.

The conversation is more focused on the conditions of the act of violence rather than the actual act itself. What were they wearing? Were they flirting? Maybe they were asking for it.

These are all things that most of the public focuses on when cases of domestic violence or sexual assault appear. Domestic violence and other abuse may be linked to suicide because it can be most prominent in the youth. The victimization and or misuse of a person in an intimate relationship can have a number of problematic effects, like the inability to trust others causing paranoia. Through certain circumstantial measures, domestic violence and suicide are linked with common catalysts like age, gender, and sexuality that make someone more susceptible or at risk. There are also other things including depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses that are conceivably in correlation to suicide related domestic violence. With that being said, those on college campuses are at an all-time high for domestic violence and its side effects. Some may argue that domestic violence only affects those of a particular gender or background. However, given the many occurrences of domestic violence, its precursors are merely reliant on situational differences.

Those that are abused by domestic violence share some of the same symptoms but can be completely different on the grounds of characteristics. Students on a college campus are more likely to be abused because they are experiencing new things of adulthood like freedom and experimenting. According to ncadv.org, “1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men experience severe intimate partner physical violence”.

The vicious cycle of domestic abuse has been known to take a fatalistic route. Most end up feeling like there’s no way out of the situation other than death.

Even the abuser can make a person think they are not worthy of life. If the person being abused is young, it makes it easier for them to be manipulated.

This is why students on a college campus are more susceptible to domestic violence. 
Remember you can help end family violence by getting involved in the movement to have peace in our homes and community.....
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Domestic Abuse Response Time (DART)

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"Our mission is to build a inter-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional committee created to maintain a campus violence prevention plan designated to integrate existing violence reduction strategies and to promote violence reduction through the introduction and support of policies and programs addressing domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, stalking and  bystander intervention tailored to the needs of the campus students and the surrounding community."  

Contact Person: Tammie D. Hudson, Director Campus Violence Prevention and Intervention Program, 662-254-8406