December 8, 2020
Residence News
Welcome to your new home - Residence at Queen’s University! 
We’re excited to welcome you to residence in January 2021!

You’ll be receiving a short email from us every week with important information to help you prepare for the big move to residence. Please make sure that you don’t unsubscribe, as we’ll be sending you more specific details about move-in and residence.
Move-in Webinar
Residence Webinar
Thursday December 17th
12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

Learn about what to bring, what to leave at home, what to expect, and how we will ensure everyone remains safe during residence move-in.
Does your family have questions about residence? They can sign up for our family and supports newsletter or visit the Queen’s Family & Supports page for more resources.
Allergy Resources
At Queen’s University, we take allergies very seriously. We are committed to providing our students with safe and nutritious meals.

We support students requiring dietary accommodations by providing information and knowledge essential to make informed choices while dining on campus and participating in the university experience.

Visit our incoming student resource page for more information about allergies, dietary needs and meal plans.
Book a virtual appointment
with our Registered Dietitian here.

Select "Allergy/Dietary Needs Meeting for Current Students".

International Travel
All students arriving from outside Canada are required by the Government of Canada to quarantine upon arrival in Canada.

Residence isolation opens as of January 6th. International students should have received an email from residences with instructions on filling out the international travel form to arrange quarantine plans for your arrival.

If you did NOT receive the email and ARE an International student, please email
613-533-6790  Email  Website