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 February 2017

Cape Cod Times Editorial Supports 
 Herring River Restoration
The Cape Cod Times recently published an editorial in support of the Herring River Restoration Project.  Read the editorial here.

The Cape Cod Times has been a close observer of the project and our public process for more than a decade. The editorial reflects their recognition of the value of reversing a century of damage to a vibrant river ecosystem and their trust in our work.
The editorial cites the many benefits of tidal restoration, including enhancing resiliency to storms and sea level rise, and restoring the natural coastal food web "that numerous fish, birds and other wildlife depend on for their survival."  As the subheadline notes "Benefits far outweigh risks of repairing Herring River."
The editorial also credits the Towns and Seashore, as project proponents, for pursuing an incremental approach to restoring tides and expresses confidence in the efforts to effectively address any potential impacts to private properties. It recognizes the good faith we have practiced and continue to practice in our efforts to mitigate damage to any private property. The new Executive Council is encouraged "to continue the good work of the restoration committee" with affected property owners.
Finally, the editorial recognizes the potential for the Herring River Restoration to become a model of tidal restoration in other areas "up and down the coast." 
featuring support for the Herring River Restoration as a pro
ject that demonstrates "...the value of repairing wetlands, which benefits the local economy, increases coastal resiliency from rising seas and storm surges, restores habitat for wildlife, fish and shellfish and filters pollution." 

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