Winter 2019
Current view of the William and Claire Dart Family Treatment and Education Center on campus - a trauma-informed design building which will enhance treatment for residential students and their families
In This Issue:

  • Jordan becomes an adult

  • New youth council provides opportunities

  • Celebrating Black History Month

 “What makes Highfields unique is the culture...they welcome you and make you feel comfortable opening up without pressure. Highfields helps students get to where they need to be.”

Jordan, student
Journey into Adulthood
Jordan is learning life skills at Highfields to become an independent adult.
At 17-years-old, Jordan is one of the oldest students in Highfields residential program. It shows, too. He is smart, articulate and mature.

He is nearly finished with the program and ready to be on his own. Unlike other students, Jordan isn’t returning home. He is applying for an independent living program which helps youth learn to live independently as adults. His goal is to find an apartment and finish school.

Jordan participates in Highfields’ Transitions Group, which helps students prepare to re-enter the community.
A Collective Voice
New youth council empowers students
Thanks to the influence of the Building Bridges Initiative, Highfields is enhancing programs and creating new opportunities for students.

One example is youth council where students have a chance to voice their opinions, make decisions, and address challenges.

“The purpose of youth council is to create ideas and help come up with solutions to problems,” said youth council member, Jordan. 
Xandir and Jordan are two of the eight students serving on Youth Council
Celebrating Black History Month
Every year, Highfields celebrates Black History Month with inspirational speakers, off campus activities, and a Black History Month dinner.

All of the special programs are designed to inspire students to show them that no matter what their circumstance is in life, they still have the opportunity to turn their life around and do great things.

Take a look at the speakers and activities students experienced this month.

  • Guest speaker, Carlton Valentine, Basketball Training Development Coordinator at Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club and former Highfields Residential Counselor
  • Guest speaker, Anthony Dirrell of Flint, WBC World Super Middleweight Champion
  • Off campus trip to a Detroit Pistons basketball game

(Above) - Kelton, Preston and Brenden are about to enjoy Black History Month dinner
(Below) - Carlton Valentine speaks to students
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