Journalists are heroes of democracy. This fall, we're asking you to honor your journalism heroes by supporting SEJ's work to increase and improve environmental journalism. If you have a journalism hero, tell us using #HonoringTheHeroes. Make a contribution to SEJ in their name and we'll add them to our Wall of Heroes. And you'll both know that you're helping the reporters who tell the world's greatest stories.

In *these times* it's clear that issues of environment and justice are deeply intertwined. Climate change is not a great equalizer, but rather a great exacerbator.

As journalists, it's essential that we explore these intersectionalities — to elevate the experiences and wisdom of the communities who are impacted and the solutions they are working toward. That's why I'm making a donation in honor of three journalists who inspire me with their coverage highlighting how justice and climate intertwine: Yvette Cabrera, Debra Krol, and Maya L. Kapoor.

If you, too, are moved by intersectional environmental stories, please consider making a donation to support SEJ journalists. We'd also like to know who your journalism heroes are, so even if you're not able to donate this year (we understand!), give your heroes a well-deserved shout out using #HonoringTheHeroes.

Thank you!

Breanna Draxler
SEJ Board of Directors