Journalists are heroes of democracy. This holiday season, we're asking you to honor your journalism heroes by supporting SEJ's work to increase and improve environmental journalism. If you have a journalism hero, tell us using #HonoringTheHeroes. Make a contribution to SEJ in their name and we'll add them to our Wall of Heroes. And you'll both know that you're helping the reporters who tell the world's greatest stories. Not able to donate this year? We understand! There's no need to donate in order to give your journalism heroes a well-deserved shout-out using #HonoringtheHeroes.

I’d like to honor editors, the environmental journalism stars who typically don’t get bylines. They inspire environmental reporters and photojournalists to reach for bolder, more beautiful stories—and then make them comprehensible. They help us avoid mistakes.

For #HonoringTheHeroes, my donation reflects my gratitude for editors like Tripp Crouse of KNBA, Emily Gertz of Drilled and Luke Runyon of KUNC. Believe me, without them, environmental news would be little more than stream-side cow pies or unchecked methane flares or some other awkward metaphor that an editor would (thankfully) cut.

This holiday season, please consider making a donation to SEJ in your heroes’ names. They'll feel great seeing their names on our Wall of Heroes, and your donation will go towards valuable programs for environmental journalists. If you're not able to donate this year, that shouldn't stop you from shouting out your heroes using #HonoringTheHeroes. Tis the season—give the gift of recognition and appreciation.

Thank you!

Judy Fahys
SEJ Board of Directors
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